Top 15 Festival Vocabulary for IELTS Exam

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Festival Vocabulary for IELTS

Learning Festival vocabulary for IELTS Exam will help candidates to score well in English Proficiency Tests. The IELTS speaking section is designed to assess the candidate’s ability to speak and communicate effectively in English. The section is conducted in the form of a one-on-one interview between the candidate and an examiner for 11 to 14 minutes. During this, candidates face questions to speak about family, work, culture, festivals, political views and etc.


The candidate’s fluency, IELTS vocabulary, grammar, and English Pronunciation are assessed based on their responses to the questions. In this blog, we will tell you about some of the words which you can use when you need to explain festivals. 

When it comes to the speaking section of the IELTS, students are required to use the correct form of vocabulary and grammar. This will enhance their chances of getting a score IELTS band. Some of the commonly asked questions regarding festivals are mentioned below: 

Types of Questions in IELTS Speaking

  1. Describe an important festival in your country. 
  2. What is the significance of the festival of lights, Diwali? 
  3. Describe why the festival of colours, Holi is celebrated.
  4. What is Pongal?
  5. How do people celebrate Onam?

To answer the above-mentioned sample questions, students should be very quick in making a choice. The speaking section of IELTS is a time-bound assessment. Students should first take some time to prepare some key notes before answering the question. It is advised to the students to be clear, precise and use good words while answering these types of questions. 

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Festival Vocabulary For IELTS

Some festival vocabulary that students can use while preparing for their IELTS are mentioned below. 

Celebrationa special event or occasion that is marked by festivities or activities
Paradea public procession, typically including music and colorful floats
Fireworksa display of explosives that create colorful and bright patterns in the sky
Concerta musical performance by one or more artists or bands
Feasta large and sumptuous meal which is usually enjoyed in the company of others
Carnivala public procession, typically including music and colourful floats
Traditiona custom or belief that has been handed down from generation to generation
Ceremonya formal occasion that often involves religious or cultural rituals
Fairan event where goods are sold and activities are provided for the amusement of attendees
Holidaya day or period of time when people typically do not work, often marked by celebrations or religious observances
Lanternsa container with a handle and a transparent globe for holding a lighted candle typically carried in processions or hung up in outdoor spaces
Bonfirea large outdoor fire used for celebration or as a signal
Costumea set of clothes worn by an individual to portray a character or theme, often worn during festivals or events
Decorationsitems used to make a place look festive or celebratory, such as streamers, balloons, and banners
Mardi Grasa carnival celebrated in some countries, especially in the Catholic community, typically marked by colorful parades and parties

Remember to practice using these words in your speaking and writing to help you remember them and to increase your vocabulary range for the IELTS exam.


What is the IELTS exam for?

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers. It is required to pass with a good score for study or work abroad.

How can I improve my vocabulary for the IELTS exam?

Improving the vocabulary for IELTS is an essential part of this will help the candidates in the reading, writing, and speaking sections. To improve the vocabulary students are advised to read extensively. Reading is an excellent way to improve your vocabulary as it exposes you to a wide range of words and phrases.

What are the different words that I can use in festival-related questions in IELTS?

Words such as celebration, parade, carnival, tradition, fair, and ceremony can be used when talking about festivals.

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