Cost of Living in Tokoroa New Zealand for International Students

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Tokoroa is a town in the Waikato region of the North Island of New Zealand, with a population of about 14,500. It is located 30 km southwest of Rotorua, close to the foot of the Mamaku Ranges, and midway between Taupō and Hamilton on State Highway 1. Tokoroa is the heart of New Zealand’s forestry, timber, and paper industries, and also offers opportunities for farming, tourism, and education. In this blog, we will explore why Tokoroa New Zealand is a great destination for international students who want to study abroad in 2024, and what are the costs of living and studying in this town. Read on to find out!


Why Study in Tokoroa New Zealand?

Compared to New Zealand’s larger cities, Tokoroa has significantly lower tuition fees and living costs, making it a budget-friendly choice for international students. Apart from the low cost of living in Tokoroa New Zealand, here are some other reasons for students to choose this island town to study abroad in 2024:

  1. The town is a portal to a wonderland of geysers, hot springs, and scenic mountain ranges. Talk about having a free natural spa to relax after a long week of classes!
  2. Tokoroa is steeped in Maori traditions. Enjoy cultural experiences like haka performances, powhiri (welcome ceremonies), and visits to historic marae (meeting houses).
  3. Tokoroa offers a welcoming and safe environment where you can easily connect with locals and fellow students, helping you blend in easily.

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Cost of Living in Tokoroa, NZ

The cost of living in Tokoroa New Zealand is around NZ$1,500 – 2,000/month, relatively affordable compared to other major cities in the country. But it is still important to plan and budget carefully before moving to the town. The following table shows the average monthly cost of living in Tokoroa, NZ, for a single person in 2024:

ItemCost (in NZD)
Rent (1 bedroom apartment outside of centre)$1,000
Food (groceries and eating out)$600
Entertainment (cinema, sports, etc.)$200
Utilities and Bills (electricity, water, internet, phone, etc.)$300
Transportation (public transport, taxi, etc.)$100

Let’s dive deeper and explore these costs in detail one by one:


Given below are the different types of accommodation in Tokoroa New Zealand and their monthly rent for international students:

Type of AccommodationRent (in NZD)
Shared student flatNZ$400-500/month
Studio apartmentNZ$600-700/month


Since cooking at home is a sure-shot way to reduce the cost of living, here are the prices of some essential grocery items available in Tokoroa New Zealand:

Grocery ItemPrice
Rice (1 kg)NZD 3.8
Eggs (12)NZD 2.93 
Orange (1 kg)NZD 2.95
Apple (1 kg)NZD 3.08
Sugar (1 kg)NZD 3.41
Banana (1 dozen)NZD 2.59
Flour (1 kg)NZD 2.55
Tomato (1 kg)NZD 4.87
Potato (1 kg)NZD 2.18
Bottle of water (0.5 litre)NZD 2.71
Beer (0.33 litre)NZD 7.06
Coca/Pepsi (0.33 litre)NZD 2.8 
Milk (per litre)NZD 2.01

If you don’t feel like cooking, you can always opt to eat out. A budget-friendly meal will cost you around NZD 10-15.

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Entertainment in Tokoroa New Zealand will cost you around NZ$100-200/month. Given below are some 

Mode of EntertainmentCost
MoviesNZD 15-20/ticket
Museums/galleriesNZD 10-20/visit
Sports clubs/gymsNZD 30-50/month
A Cup of Coffee (Regular) (Regular/Cup)NZD 3.89


Given below are the different types of utilities available in Tokoroa New Zealand and their monthly costs for international students:

ElectricityNZD 80-100/month
WaterNZD 30-40/month
InternetNZD 50-80/month


Transportation generally costs NZD 50-100/month in Tokoroa New Zealand, and given below are the different modes of transport available along with their monthly costs:

Mode of TransportCost
Bus passNZD 50/month
Bicycle (One-time cost)NZD 200-300

Average Tuition Fees in Tokoroa

Here are some estimates of the average tuition fees in Tokoroa New Zealand for international students. Keep in mind that the tuition fees will vary depending on the program and institution:

Public Universities: NZD 20,000-30,000/year

Private Universities: NZD 25,000-40,000/year

Things to Consider Before Moving to Tokoroa

While studying in Tokoroa New Zealand can be a thrilling idea, you still need to make some practical considerations before actually moving there. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Student job opportunities in Tokoroa might be scarce compared to bigger cities. Budget accordingly or consider online work options.
  2. While buses are available, explore options like cycling or owning a car for greater convenience.
  3. Tokoroa experiences mild winters and warm summers, but rain is frequent throughout the year. Be prepared for changeable weather.

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Q1. Can I save money on accommodation in Tokoroa?

Ans: Yes, there are several ways to save on accommodation! Consider shared student flats for the most budget-friendly option. Homestays offer a cultural immersion experience but might be slightly pricier. Cooking at home instead of eating out regularly can also significantly reduce your spending.

Q2. Are there any free or affordable activities in Tokoroa?

Ans: Absolutely! Tokoroa offers plenty of free and low-cost activities, such as:
1. Explore the stunning natural landscapes like the Tokoroa Thermal Valley or ride your bike along the scenic trails. 
2. Visit the Tokoroa Museum or attend free cultural events like kapa haka performances. 
3. Several local sports clubs and community groups also offer affordable membership options.

Q3. How can I manage my budget effectively while living in Tokoroa?

Ans: Track your expenses using a budgeting app or spreadsheet. Prepare your meals at home most of the time and pack lunches to save money. Many local businesses offer discounts for students. Ask around or carry your student ID to avoid missing out.

We hope that this blog gave you a complete insight into the overall living cost in Tokoroa New Zealand for international students. Stay tuned to Leverage Edu daily for more updates on student life abroad. Thank you for reading!

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