TOEFL Writing Topic: Students who are given grades work harder than those who are not. 

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Students who are given grades work harder than those who are not.

Q- Students who are given grades work harder than those who are not. 

Ans: Whether grades motivate students to work harder has always been a part of discussions in the past. The grading system allows educators to discern the aptitude and ability of students in subjects or topics taught in their curriculum. Due to the integration of such a system, students are instilled with a competitive spirit that helps them push their boundaries and teaches them the value of hard work and persistence. Undeniably, grades play a substantial role in keeping students motivated.  


The grading system operates akin to an incentive system in the corporate sector, aiming to motivate students to work harder. Just as incentives are offered in the working sphere to encourage greater effort, grades serve as a reward for student’s hard work and reflect their level of understanding and growth in a subject. The system’s impartial and analytical nature assesses candidates based solely on merit, resulting in high grades for strong performance and vice versa. Thus, students are able to identify areas for improvement and recognize their strengths, enabling them to continuously develop and excel in their academic pursuits.

Furthermore, an effective grading system in an academic setting can foster a spirit of healthy competition among individuals who aspire to be better every day. This encourages students to work hard and lays the initial groundwork for them to excel in the professional realm. Grades have undoubtedly become the backbone of one’s academic route in this day and age. In fact, it is imprudent to consider acceptance to respectable universities or good positions today without strong scores. As a result, they have essentially become the currency for one’s ability and worth. 

In conclusion, grades play a pivotal role in motivating students to do better, as they not only assess academic growth but also act as a driving force that pushes individuals to exceed their limits and gain a competitive edge. This sense of competition instils the value of growth and progress from an early age. As a result, the grading system remains an intrinsic and indispensable component of any academic environment, and its significance will endure in the future.

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