TOEFL Writing Topic: In my country, young people have better lives than their parents had when they were young.

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In my country, young people have better lives than their parents had when they were young.

Q. In my country, young people have better lives than their parents had when they were young.

Ans. In my opinion, the youth of today has the privilege of leading convenient lifestyles but that cannot be the sole reason to arbitrate the quality of life led by both generations. Sure, young people today have access to information and resources at their fingertips thanks to the advancement of technology and the internet, but the nation’s average happiness index has significantly plummeted over time. In general, I believe previous generations enjoyed higher-quality lives. 


The classic adage, “Too much of anything is good for nothing,” applies perfectly to the modern generation. Today’s youth has gotten so engrossed in their online personalities that they have resorted to living their lives behind that mask, unable to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. As people today are solely concerned with putting up a facade or playing a character, this has become a tremendous impediment to one’s entire development and growth as a human being. This was not the case in previous generations. Even though individuals did not have the luxury of social media or the internet in the past, they were nevertheless able to keep more connected with their loved ones. They didn’t need to demonstrate a fictitious lifestyle to the world for validation, which is odd given that the whole point of social media is to connect people. On the contrary, people today have become even more dissonant. 

People today have grown somewhat desensitised to what is truly happening around them as a result of their easy access to so much information. In other words, people today are exposed to so much negativity that they have developed a coping mechanism for suppressing their actual emotions. I believe that, while the intention of the internet and social media was noble, it has become more of a scourge than a blessing over time. For example, instead of going to parks to play with their friends, youngsters today prefer to play violent video games and spend time with online friends. This has rendered today’s generation detached and aloof from genuine humanistic emotions and feelings.  

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