TOEFL Writing Topic: Students should be given more options to learn in groups.

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Students should be given more options to learn in groups.

Q: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Students should be given more options to learn in groups. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Do not use memorized examples.

Ans: We were raised to believe that solitude is the most effective way to learn something, so much so that we never considered the alternative of studying in groups as children. However, contrary to this popular belief, I think the positives of group studies far outweigh the so-called drawbacks.


If applied appropriately, a well-executed group study session can be extremely beneficial to children. Studies have shown that group studies can actually improve a child’s understanding of different topics and subjects, thus resulting in better grades. Such improvement can be attributed to various crucial aspects. For example, when studying alone, a child’s focus may fluctuate, whereas when studying in groups, he or she may learn more quickly. Aside from that, while studying in groups, children can ask each other for support if they have any questions about certain topics. As a result, one’s grasp of certain topics and subjects will improve. Students in groups can streamline and stick to a schedule to expedite their preparation. Another significant advantage of group studies over solo studies is that children frequently procrastinate when studying alone, and group studies can assist students to focus on their study sessions. When a child observes others studying hard, his/her own sense of competence grows. This in turn helps students become more motivated and driven to outperform in their tests. 

During exams, studying alone may be excruciatingly stressful for students. However, it has been observed that when children study in groups, they prefer to follow their studies carefully and without feeling overburdened. This is because, group studies improve concentration and mitigate exam anxiety, resulting in higher grades. Besides, group studies can be an essential stepping stone in a child’s social development because youngsters tend to collaborate and communicate with one another while working towards a common objective. These are some important soft skills that might help one succeed in the professional world. Thus, students in groups tend to demonstrate team spirit and problem-solving abilities in order to acclimatize to the study session schedule and bridge communication gaps with their peers. 

In essence, group studies are still undermined today, but in my opinion, they should be encouraged by parents and guardians. It will not only result in their progeny’s better grades but also help them grow as individuals. 

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