TOEFL Speaking Practice: 7 Useful Tips to Improve Speaking Score

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TOEFL Speaking Practice

The language proficiency test of TOEFL requires a lot of preparation if you are all geared up to attain a good score band. There are two sections called TOEFL writing and TOEFL speaking that ascertain a student’s familiarity with the native language. Especially when it comes to beginning the TOEFL speaking practice, you need to buckle up and stand out while answering 4 different types of questions based on real-life situations. 


While, the task may sound challenging, with a correct implementation of a few speaking practises, acing the TOEFL test becomes quite easy. Therefore, this blog article comprises some of the best hand-picked TOEFL speaking practices to improve your speaking skills for the exam.

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7 Expert Tips to Improve TOEFL Speaking 

Although you can always come up with your own formulas to attain a good proficiency test result. Nonetheless, with these 7 useful TOEFL speaking practice suggestions by the experts, you will be well on your way to success in the TOEFL speaking section.

Practice Speaking English Every Day like a Native Speaker

The more you practice speaking English, the more comfortable you will become with the language. Eventually, you will become as familiar as a native in picking up the accent. Make a habit of speaking English every day, whether it’s with a friend, a tutor, or even to yourself in front of a mirror. This will help you develop your fluency and confidence in speaking.

Improve Your Pronunciation

Clear and accurate pronunciation is crucial to achieving a high TOEFL speaking score. Work on improving your pronunciation by listening to native English speakers, practising difficult sounds, and using pronunciation apps or resources. A clear and confident speaking style will help you stand out in the speaking section and is the mandatory TOEFL speaking practice to adapt. 

Read and Listen to English-Language Materials

Reading and listening to English-language materials can help you improve your vocabulary and grammar, and expose you to different speaking styles and accents. Make a habit of reading English-language newspapers, magazines, and websites, as well as listening to English-language podcasts, news broadcasts, and TV shows while practising for the TOEFL speaking test.

Practice Paraphrasing and Summarizing

The TOEFL speaking section requires you to summarize and paraphrase information from reading and listening passages. Practice these skills by summarizing articles or lectures, and then presenting them in your own words. This will help you develop your ability to express complex ideas in a clear and concise manner. It is suggested to keep a note-making habit at bay to achieve a satisfactory result in this section. 

Compliment Your Explanation with Examples 

It is crucial to back up your word of thought with detailed examples and information in the TOEFL speaking section. This demonstrates that you comprehend the content and can use it in a practical setting. To add depth and believability to your TOEFL speaking practice, use examples from your own life, history, literature, or current events.

Record and Evaluate Your Speaking

Recording yourself while speaking can help you identify areas for improvement, such as pronunciation, grammar, or pacing. Listen to your recordings and evaluate your performance, taking note of any areas that need improvement. You can also ask a tutor or friend to listen to your recordings and provide feedback.

Manage Your Time Like a Pro

Time management is crucial in the TOEFL speaking section. Make sure you have enough time to read and listen to the passages, plan your response, and deliver your answer within the time limit. Keep an eye on the clock and pace yourself accordingly. If you are running out of time, focus on delivering a complete response, even if it’s not perfect.

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How to improve your speaking skills for TOEFL?

Improving speaking skills for TOEFL is quite easy. To begin with, you must ensure to learn how to answer questions asked with precision. It is easier if you maintain a planner to do TOEFL speaking practice regularly to sound more comfortable with the native’s accent. 

What is a good score in TOEFL speaking section?

Scoring anywhere above 20 is marked as a good TOEFL speaking score. The overall score of the speaking section in TOEFL is 30. 

How many tasks are there in the speaking section of TOEFL?

There are four tasks or questions based on the real-life scenarios in the TOEFL speaking section. 

Hopefully, the TOEFL speaking practices discussed in this blog have been a catalyst for your learning and helped you improve your speaking skills for the exam.

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