How Long is the TOEFL Score Valid? 

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How Long is the TOEFL Score Valid? 

How Long is the TOEFL Score Valid? Aspirants who take the TOEFL exam can anticipate their TOEFL scores to be valid for two years following the exam. In other words, if a person takes the TOEFL exam in 2023, he or she can still use the results until 2025. This is especially useful when a candidate wishes to apply to an institution overseas after a significant amount of time has passed since taking the TOEFL Exam. TOEFL aspirants are typically provided with their scores within a week of the test date.


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TOEFL Score Validity 

The validity period of TOEFL scores remains active for two years since the exam has been undertaken by a candidate. Individuals who show up with their TOEFL scores for application to abroad institutions are not entertained by authorities as such scores aren’t considered to be valid. Candidates can expect to receive their scores within a timeframe of a week after the exam is conducted.  Prospective aspirants must keep in mind that the validity of TOEFL scores is counted from the day the exam is undertaken itself, and not from the day of result declaration. 

It has been clearly stated by authorities that once an individual receives their scores, he or she cannot appeal for the extension of their TOEFL score validity period. Individuals who are found with such requests will not be entertained by authorities. The TOEFL scorecards are provided to candidates in paper or offline form within a time frame of eleven working days after the exam is conducted. 

Retaking TOEFL Exam 

Candidates who wish to sit for the TOEFL exam can do so innumerable times. That being said, one can retake the TOEFL Exam as per their requirements, which means that one can learn from their mistakes in their initial attempts and make up for their shortcomings in their re-attempts. This gives a fair chance to students to score better in their TOEFL exams. The policy of retaking the exam can be a godsend for those who are unable to acquire the requisite TOEFL cut-off (minimum) initially. 

It is to be noted that those who wish to retake their exam must apply for a re-attempt within a week of taking the exam. However, students are mandated to pay the requisite amount of fees to retake their TOEFL Exam. Those unable to pay the fees will not be permitted to re-attempt their exam. The validity of retaking a TOEFL exam remains active till two years after the exam is conducted. 

What happens once the TOEFL Score Validity Expires? 

Once the TOEFL Score of an individual expires or exceeds the timeframe of validity, he or she cannot send them to their desired institution as valid scores. The validity period of TOEFL Scores remains open for two years, after which they expire and become ineffective. 

Is it Possible to Access the Expired TOEFL Score? 

Students will be denied access to their TOEFL scores after two years, i.e., the validity phase of TOEFL scores. Furthermore, there will be no TOEFL records available on the website after a time of two years since the exam date.  Those who intend to use their PDF scores after the expiration date will be denied. 

TOEFL Score Validity Rules

It is crucial for one to follow the following tips or criteria while applying to their desired college by incorporating their ‘still’ valid TOEFL scores. 

  1. One must go through the TOEFL score validity conditions of their desired institution prior to submitting their scores. This is because the period of TOEFL score validity varies for every institution. 
  2. One must be well versed with the TOEFL score deadline of their desired institution. This way, one can keep the validity period in mind and sit for the exam accordingly. 

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How to Use Valid TOEFL scores? 

TOEFL aspirants must utilise their valid TOEFL scores cautiously and efficiently. Refer to the following lines to get a structured outline of how one can actually implement their valid TOEFL scores. 

  1. Aspirants must first go through the validity deadlines of their desired institutions prior to attempting their TOEFL exams.  
  2. It is important that candidates get well acquainted with the prescribed TOEFL dates and Exam centres. 
  3. Candidates will be able to acquire their TOEFL scores after a week of their exam. 
  4. One must apply for their desired institution two days prior to taking the exam. 
  5. Individuals must be up to speed with their desired institution’s TOEFL score validity policies prior to registering. 
  6. One must keep tabs on the deadlines for retaking the TOEFL Exam. 

As mentioned, the validity of the TOEFL Scores remains active for two years after a candidate sits for the exam. That being said, one must have pre-planned their schedule regarding how to go about utilising TOEFL scores when they are still valid. 


Is TOEFL valid for 3 years?

TOEFL scores are valid for only two year, not upto 3 years. 

What is the TOEFL highest score?

120 is the highest score in the TOEFL exam. 

Can I use my expired TOEFL score?

TOEFL aspirants cannot use their expired TOEFL scores to get admission into their desired institutions. 

The TOEFL exam is one of the most widely accepted English Proficiency tests in the world. The said test is conducted to assess and evaluate one’s proficiency and prowess in the English language. 

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