TOEFL Listening: Listening Task 14 ( Detail Questions)

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TOEFL Listening: Listening Task 14 ( Detail Questions)

This requires you to understand explicit details and facts.


Detail questions are typically phrased as follows:

  • What is X?
  • What resulted from the invention of the X?
  • According to the professor, what is the main problem with the X theory?

Tips to Remember

  • These questions align with the main idea of the recording, and you should ensure that your chosen answer makes sense within the context of the main theme.
  • Focus on important facts rather than extremely specific details like numbers or names.
  • Do not choose an answer only because it contains some of the words that were used in the conversation or lecture.
  • When selecting your answer, exercise caution to avoid being misled by false friends. False friends are answer choices that incorporate keywords from the passage in a manner that seems correct but is not. They can either directly contradict the information in the passage or simply not make sense in the context.

What is the definition of condensation?

a. The process of gas molecules colliding in a closed container

b. The process in which molecules change from the gas phase to the liquid phase

c. The process in which vapor finds equilibrium in a closed container

d. The process of continual exchange between gaseous molecules

Correct answer: B

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