TOEFL Listening: Listening Task 1 (Gist Content Questions)

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TOEFL Listening: Listening Task 1 (Gist Content Questions)

Listen to the audio below and answer the following Gist Content Questions to boost your listening skills 👇.


Before answering these questions, look at the instructions and techniques below 👇.

Detailed Instructions for TOEFL Gist Content Questions

The gist of something is the main point or key idea. Gist-content questions require you to determine the primary subject or concept discussed in the listening conversation or lecture.

Gist-Content questions are typically phrased as follows:

• What are the speakers mainly discussing?

• What is the main topic of the lecture?

• What is the lecture mainly about?

Q- What is the lecture mainly about?

a. Dissecting dead human bodies

b. Background information on the study of human bodies

c. What happens when a body is dissected

d. Physicians who learn about the wounds of soldiers and other injuries

Ans: B ​is the correct answer because the other options are too specific to certain points of the text, whereas B encompasses the entire passage.

Tips to Remember

Gist-Content Questions

  • Actively listen for the main topic and primary points.
  • Ignore minor details and focus on the big picture.
  • Take brief notes to capture key ideas.
  • Identify the central theme or subject.
  • Consider the context and speaker’s tone.

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