TOEFL Daily Academic Discussion Topic- Your professor is teaching a class on social studies (life expectancy).

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TOEFL Daily Academic Discussion Topic- Your professor is teaching a class on social studies.

Brainstorming Ideas

Refer to the following brainstorming ideas to get a better understanding of the answer.


Reasons for the increase in life expectancy:

  • Improvement in medical technologies to treat diseases that were once considered fatal.
  • Advancements in public health and sanitation.
  • Changes in lifestyle habits like having a balanced diet, doing regular exercise, and avoiding harmful habits.

Q. Your professor is teaching a class on social studies. Write a post responding to the professor’s question.

In your response, you should do the following:

  • Express and support your personal opinion
  • Make a contribution to the discussion in your own words

An effective response will contain at least 100 words.

“Life expectancies are increasing all over the world nowadays.  Some of you probably know someone who is more than 100 years old.  Before our next class, I want you to consider the following question: What factors do you think have contributed to the increase in life expectancy? Is it due to advances in medical technology, improvements in government services, changes in lifestyle habits, or something else entirely?”

Lisa: I think the main reason why people are living longer nowadays is recent advances in medical technology. Modern medicine has enabled us to better treat and manage chronic illnesses, and there have been major breakthroughs in areas such as cancer treatment and organ transplantation. As a result, people are able to live longer with diseases that may have been fatal in the past.  Not only that, but they can live more rewarding and fulfilling lives.

John: While medical technology has certainly played a role, I think improvements in government services have been just as important. We now have access to clean drinking water, sanitation systems, and free vaccines that have dramatically reduced health problems.  In the past, people didn’t have access to any of these things. Additionally, public health campaigns have helped educate people about healthy habits such as exercise, and healthy eating, and about the danger of smoking.

Ans. The increase in life expectancy is because of various factors. Advances in medical technology have played a significant role. The development of new drugs and treatments, as well as improvements in diagnostic tools, have made it possible to treat diseases that were once considered fatal. Vaccines have eradicated or controlled many infectious diseases, reducing infant and child mortality rates. In addition to this, improvements in public health and sanitation have contributed to longer life spans. Access to clean water, proper waste disposal, and improved nutrition have reduced the incidence of disease.

Apart from this, changes in lifestyle habits have had profound impacts. Increased awareness about the importance of a balanced diet, regular exercise, and avoidance of harmful habits like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption have contributed to better health and, by extension, longer life expectancy. In conclusion, while each of these factors individually contributes to increased life expectancy, it is their combined effect that has led to the significant increases we see today.

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