Study in Norway: Why Thousands of International Students Prefer Norway?

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Study in Norway
International students are choosing Norway for their studies and know why Norway is emerging as the leading Nordic country in terms of attracting international students.

According to the Master Portal’s November 2022 report, Norway is home to more than 25,000 international students. Norway has one of the best study infrastructures in the world. Norway provides many advanced courses to international students.

Why is Norway the best destination to study?

Below are the key points to consider studying in Norway

  • Norway is not the world’s happiest country but one of the peaceful countries too.
  • Norway is the highest exporter of Salmon fish.
  • Aurora Borealis or the Northern lights are the best things to see in Norway.
  • Norway is also known for the low crime rates in the world.
Study in Norway

3 Essential reasons to study in Norway?

Norway has the best study and job scope plans for international students, below are 3 points why students should study in Norway-

  • Secure Society and Lifestyle: Norway provides international students with a positive perception of national corruption, freedom, peace and liberality. Norway has the best economic and medical welfare.
  • Standard of Education: Norway has not only many advanced universities but also impeccable standards. Its government is very keen on promoting education to each and every citizen.
  • Mesmerising Nature: Norway is known for its nature too. The cold weather is the best thing to experience in this Nordic country. It also provides outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, paragliding etc.

Key points to remember before going to study in Norway?

What are the essential things to remember or carry to study in Norway, listed below-

  • Students should register with the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (NUCAS) before 1st March 2023 in universities of Norway.
  • EU/EEA citizens are allowed to study without any type of visa but they need a residence permit.
  • Non-EU/EEA citizens have to go through a visa securing process and a student residence permit.
  • Accommodation is a salient move to study in any country. Norway provides a plethora of options to stay.
  • Make financial arrangements and flying tickets handy and stop avoiding any last minute try.

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