Study in US: Waiting Time For Work & Study Visa Appointment Reduced, Know More

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Study in US Waiting Time For Work & Study Visa Appointment Reduced

An enormous milestone in bilateral ties was reached last year, in 2023, with the processing of US visas in India. Over the course of the year, the US consulates and embassy in India handled 140,000 visa applications. This showed a striking increase in demand and confirmed the strengthening ties between the two countries.


The huge increase in visa applications—a noteworthy 60% rise over the previous year—illustrates the strengthening ties and common interests between the US and India.

Waiting Time Reduced By 75%

According to sources, one of the most amazing achievements in the visa procedure has been the extraordinary 75% reduction in the wait time for visa appointments. The findings also imply that this was the outcome of a calculated combination of process improvements, creative technology solutions, and more workers.

Across India, the average wait time for appointments for visitor visas dropped from 1,000 days to a far more reasonable 250 days. This impressive development not only reduced the workload for applicants but also made travel between the two nations easier and more effective.

Study in US Waiting Time For Work & Study Visa Appointment Reduced

On the other hand, it was estimated that, with over a quarter of the one million international students enrolled in US universities, Indian students currently make up the largest group of international graduate students in the country. There is additional evidence to support this, as over 140,000 student visas have reportedly been issued to Indian students.

The rise in the quantity of visa applications and approvals reveals two things: first, Indian students are steadfastly committed to pursuing higher education options overseas; and second, the US is becoming a more important hub for international education.

Over 380,000 Employment Visas Granted To Indian Applicants And Their Families

In addition to greatly increasing efficiency, the consolidation of petition-based visa processing in strategic sites like Chennai and Hyderabad led to the processing of over 380,000 employment visas for Indian applicants and their families. This expedited procedure kept appointment wait times to a minimum while simultaneously speeding up the visa granting process.

India’s role as a strategic partner and important ally of the United States is highlighted by the announcement of the opening of two new consulates in Ahmedabad and Bangalore in March 2023, as well as the inauguration of a new USD 340 million facility in Hyderabad.

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