Study Abroad: British Columbia and Alberta are Now Issuing Provincial Attestation Letters

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Study Abroad: British Columbia and Alberta are Now Issuing Provincial Attestation Letters

BC (British Columbia) government is now providing Provincial Attestation Letters (PALs) for new international students directly to qualifying post-secondary institutions to apply for a study permit to study. As per the current report, IRCC announced that new study permit applicants will have to attach a PAL along with their study permit application. Reports are also coming that Alberta has also begun issuing PAL to foreign students.

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What are Provincial Attestation Letters?

PAL is a verification letter that the province sends to the institution which then sends it to the overseas applicant. This letter will serve as proof that the application was accounted for within the federal government’s maximum limit. As per the recent cap on international students introduced by the Canadian government, there will be a limited number of PALs that can be issued by a province in Canada.

How Many PALs will British Columbia issue in 2024?

British Columbia has been allowed to issue 83000 undergraduate programs in 2023. Based on recent acceptance rates the federal government anticipates roughly 50000 granted study permit applications in 2024. Candidates with post-secondary study permits applying to non-degree issuing graduate programs such as certificate programs and diplomas require PALs. 

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 Who does not require a PAL (Provincial Attestation Letter)?

1. Primary and secondary school students;
2. Master’s or doctoral degree students
3. Students already in Canada with a valid study permit in-Canada work permit holders and their in-Canada family members
5. Students already in Canada applying for an extension and
6. Students whose application was received before 8:30 a.m. (Eastern time) on Jan. 22, 2024.

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