Study Abroad: Why Students Should Opt for PBSA’s than Private Accommodation?

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Some students in Australia who are unable to find rental accommodation in the private housing market are now choosing purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA).

As private rental prices have skyrocketed, PBSA operators are now approaching the semester break, when there is the greatest turnover among building occupants.

This leads to vacancies as many international students are returning home to finish their studies. The buildings are usually full around February when the international borders reopen. During the semester break, some rooms in the student residences become vacant for a short time.

There are currently 76,500 private PBSA beds across Australia. They offer students both fixed-price and all-inclusive rental contracts. This means that students are not affected by rising utility costs, internet prices or inflation.

Study Abroad: Why Students Should Opt for PBSA’s than Private Accommodation?

According to Torie Brown, Executive Director of the Student Accommodation Council, there is a shortage of housing across Australia. Unfortunately, this affects both domestic and international students in every way.

According to a record, the national vacancy rate in April was less than one per cent. This is the lowest ever recorded in national records.

What are PBSAs and their Advantages?

A purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) is a professionally managed and regulated accommodation. They provide 24/7 security and support services. This option is obviously the perfect choice for all students looking for housing.

As per various data from the Student Accommodation Council, most students lived in PBSAs last year. Living in a PBSA offers several benefits to both domestic and international students.

It offers students a great learning environment, the accommodation is safe and students can choose their own room. Apart from that, they are ideally located, provide students with necessities, are in modern society and much more.

If you are looking to go and study abroad in Australia, then PBSA would be the best choice to stay in. For more exciting news updates, make sure you contact Leverage Edu.

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