Study in USA: Accrediting Body Allows Shorter UG Degrees With Fewer Credits at BYU & Ensign College

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Study in USA: Accrediting Body Allows Shorter UG Degrees With Fewer Credits at BYU & Ensign College

The USA accreditor of universities has recently allowed institutions to shorten their site to a duration of 3 years. This relaxation has been granted to Brigham Young University-Idaho and Ensign College for their pilot 3-year bachelor’s degree program. 


These programmes will now have less than 120 credits. The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities accrediting body has approved this change. Furthermore, according to these changes each student will now need around 90 credits to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from the USA.  

The accreditation committee discussed the matter with federal and state for one and a half years to foresee the outcomes of this development. Despite some disapproval, most people believe that this is a historic change and a remarkable decision. 

Is It A Good Change?

They have introduced this change to make education less expensive. This will also raise hope for those who drop their studies for this reason. Remarkably, the university derived this idea from education systems abroad, and international students constitute more than half of the program’s strength, dominating its strength.

Additionally, the students who apply for a Master’s in the USA after graduating from their native countries with a 3-year bachelor’s degree might soon see an easier way in. Currently, if a student with a 3-year bachelor’s degree wants to apply for a Master in the USA, they go through a diploma or certificate program or a foundation course. 

This change might cut on the extra effort required by them by accepting their 3-year degrees. In the near future, more universities might follow the trend, thereby easing the way for education. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates. 

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