Study in UK: New Visa Fees. What Nigerian Students Need to Know?

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Study in UK New Visa Fees. What Nigerian Students Need to Know

There are many visa options available for Nigerians who aspire to study in the UK. There are various visas for candidates in Nigeria such as to study, private medical treatment, work, and marriage. Each visa has its eligibility criteria, list of documents, and application cost. In this post, fees for students will be discussed. 

There are three student visa routes of application for the students of Nigeria Child student visa and short-term study visa.

Students above the age of 16 years to study in the UK for higher education. The student visa fee is £490  and the candidates can apply 6 months before starting their course.

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Study in UK: New Visa Fees. What Nigerian Students Need to Know?

Certain costs are involved when the students plan to visit Nigeria as students such as:

  • The visa application fees
  • The healthcare surcharge fees
  • The fast-track processing fees for the visa
  • Enough money to support themselves 
  • The course fees
  • The fees to take an English Language Test
  • Fees for their dependents

Child Student Visa

Students between the ages of 4 and 17 can come to the UK to get into a school. The visa fee for these students in Nigeria is £490.

Short-Term Study Visa

Students with this visa can come to the UK for up to 11 months to study the English language and the fee is £200.

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The Immigration Healthcare Surcharge Fees

Many students will have to pay the Immigration healthcare surcharge fees while applying for the student visa fees. This fee is paid to allow foreign nationals to access NHS Services while staying in the UK. The IHS fee is £470 for all the students. Therefore, it means that for 3-year undergraduate programs, they will have to pay a total of £1645 and that for masters they will have to pay a cost of £705.

Documents for Nigerians to Apply for Student Visa

Check the list of documents required to apply for a student visa by the Nigerians:

  • A valid passport
  • Complete form DS-160
  • Passport size photographs
  • Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant Student Status

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