Study Abroad: Dream of Studying in France? Amba Dalmia Scholarship Opens Doors for Indian Women

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Study Abroad: Campus France Ups the Game for International Student Support!

Ever dreamt of pursuing higher studies in France, the land of renowned universities and vibrant culture? The Amba Dalmia Scholarship Program makes this dream a reality for Indian women passionate about fields like music, theatre, arts, and more. Let’s explore the details of this exciting opportunity.

Study Abroad: Dream of Studying in France? Amba Dalmia Scholarship Opens Doors for Indian Women

Your Gateway to Artistic Excellence in France

This scholarship program in France welcomes female students and young professionals from India who aspire to hone their skills in diverse fields like music, theatre, sports, various art forms, film, and even culinary studies. Whether you’re a budding filmmaker, a passionate ballerina, or a dedicated painter, this program can support your journey in prestigious French institutions.

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What Does the Scholarship Offer?

The Amba Dalmia Scholarship Program provides comprehensive support to its recipients, covering crucial expenses:

  • Monthly stipend: Breathe easy knowing you have financial assistance to manage your living costs in France.
  • Visa and Etudes en France fee waiver: Say goodbye to additional financial burdens associated with visas and registration fees.

Who is Eligible?

  • Indian citizenship: This scholarship is proudly dedicated to empowering Indian women.
  • Age 18+: Open your dream door after you turn 18.
  • Academic excellence: Demonstrate your dedication with a consistently outstanding academic record.
  • French education pursuit: Have secured admission or be actively pursuing admission to a higher education institution in France.
  • French language not mandatory: Focus on your passion, while knowledge of French adds an advantage.

How to Apply

  • Online application: Submit your application conveniently online.
  • Interview possibility: Be prepared for a potential interview via phone or Skype.
  • Required documents: Prepare your CV, passport details, academic transcripts, acceptance proof, and motivational letter.

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Don’t miss this chance!

The Amba Dalmia Scholarship Program is a unique opportunity for Indian women to pursue their artistic passions in the heart of France. With its comprehensive support and focus on diverse fields, this program could be the key to unlocking your creative potential. So, wait no more! Gather your documents, express your passion in your application, and take the first step towards your dream French education.

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