Hike in International Students in Delhi University! Know More.

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Hike in International Students in Delhi University! Know More.
By reaching out to diplomatic missions to welcome more applications, the Delhi University hopes to boost the number of international students it accepts by 20% from the previous academic cycle, a varsity official said on Tuesday.

637 foreign students were accepted into the university’s undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programmes in 2022–2023! 


Around 2,000 applications have so far been submitted to the university, including ones from the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR).

Foreign citizens may enroll in a variety of degree programmes at the University of Delhi in one of two ways: as self-financing students or as recipients of scholarships from the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

Every year, the ICCR manages a number of scholarship programmes and gives out over 3,000 scholarships to international students from about 180 different countries under 21 different schemes.

To enhance the number of ICCR applications, the Delhi University (DU) has taken a number of actions. For the academic year 2023–2024, the application season for international students has already started.

Hike in International Students in Delhi University! Know Why?

Also, there is an open application window. However, the process of approving these applications has begun. Every day, receiving hundreds of phone and email inquiries, said Professor Amarjiva Lochan, Jt Dean of International Relations, to PTI.

Update for Admission Procedure

“The admissions procedure was extended till February for the previous school year. 637 students were admitted in all, 271 of them received ICCR scholarships.

This was a modest decrease from the 650 students admitted the year before (2021). However, this year, officials are anticipating at least a 20% increase in the number of foreign students admitted.

The administrators make sure to stay in touch with students from the time applications are submitted till admission in order to guarantee a simple and hassle-free process for students.

“Getting hundreds of inquiry emails every day. Everyone who is interested in studying in India has expressed interest in Delhi University. To make sure to stay in touch with them and give them the right direction. So that they won’t have any problems.” Additionally, the university administration also sees to it that the students have suitable housing options.

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