Study Abroad: EB-5 Visa Offering Several Benefits for International Students

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The EB-5 visa is offering several benefits to students such as Permanent Residency for applicants. US Licensed Lawyer, Preeya Malik highlighted the advantages of choosing EB-5 for International students, recently in an interview. She is also the Managing Director of the immigration advisory firm, Step Global.

The programme can help students save tuition fees of more than $35,000 (INR 28 Lakh approx) annually. The visa also helps the applicants for Permanent Residency. The main objective is to encourage foreign investment and boost the US economy.  

The applicants have to invest a minimum amount of $800,000(INR 6 crore approx), which is refundable. A single application can include the investor, the investor’s spouse and their children under the age of 21 leading to US citizenship. 

Study Abroad: EB-5 Visa Offering Several Benefits for International Students

Benefits of EB-5 Visa for International Students 

The EB-5 programmes focus on the benefits of applicants and the US economy. Students need to pay lower tuition fees after obtaining a green card through the visa. Students can save up to INR 28,70,742 per year during their study period. Applicants can also cut down their expenses depending on their chosen university or programme.  

Students will also have access to scholarships and financial aid. The US government in various states provide grants and zero-percent loans for green card holders and US residents. 

A major benefit of having a green card via EB-5 is that students do not have to worry about their status after graduation and focus on their careers instead. 

The process can take a few years to come to fruition. Still, it is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to obtain a US visa green card. Students can start the procedure in their high school to take full advantage of the programme by the time they are ready for graduation. 

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