How to Study in Norway for Free? What are the Scholarships or Grants Available?

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Dreaming of studying in Norway for free? While recent changes mean tuition fees now apply to most international students. But don’t worry this guide explores alternative options to make your Norwegian higher education dream a reality. We’ll delve into scholarship opportunities across various Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral programs and specializations, from sustainable marine aquaculture to cutting-edge renewable energy solutions. Whether you’re passionate about lakes, fishing, the aurora borealis, or astrophysics, we’ll help you find the perfect program and explore funding options to minimize your financial burden. Get ready to start your higher education in the land of the rising sun that will cost you little and teach you a lot.

Type of ScholarshipFully Funded (Free)
Scholarships ForUndergraduate, Postgraduate, and Ph.D. degree programs
Location Norway
Target AudienceIndian / International Students
DurationFull-Time or Varies
Funding AmountFull

List of Scholarships to Study in Norway for Free

While public Universities in Norway offer completely free for international students outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland, there are several scholarship options that can significantly reduce the financial burden. Here are some notable scholarships to consider for studying in Norway.

Scholarship NameEligibilityCoverageFocus
BI Norwegian Business School Presidential ScholarshipInternational students pursuing Master’s degreesFull tuition fees, 70% living expenses stipendBusiness programs
A. Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship ProgrammeInternational students pursuing Master’s degrees in maritime-related fieldsTuition fees, living expenses, travel costsMaritime-related fields (e.g., Marine engineering, Nautical science)
NTNU ScholarshipTalented international students in specific fields (Technology, Natural sciences, Medicine, Teacher education, Humanities, Social sciences, Law)Tuition fees, living expensesVarious fields (see eligibility)
ERASMUS+ GrantVaries depending on home country and chosen program (EU students generally prioritized)Partial tuition fees, living expenses (amount varies)Exchange programs across various fields
Stiftelsen Fram – The Research Council of Norway PhD Scholarship SchemeInternational students enrolled in PhD programs at Norwegian universitiesLiving expenses, salary, research costsPhD programs (research focus varies)
High North Fellowship ProgrammeStudents from Canada, Russia, South Korea, US, and Japan interested in studying Northern NorwayTuition fees, living expenses stipendArctic, social sciences, humanities, law, business, technology, natural sciences, teacher education, health sciences
Fulbright Norway Student ProgramUS citizens pursuing Master’s degrees or PhDsFull tuition, living stipend, health insuranceVaries depending on chosen field of study
Statoil Master’s ScholarshipsOutstanding international students in specific fields (e.g., Geosciences, Petroleum engineering)Full tuition fees, living expenses stipendEnergy-related fields
The Fridtjof Nansen Scholarship ProgrammeQuota students from specific developing countriesFull tuition fees, living expenses stipendVaries depending on chosen field of study and home country
The University of Agder ScholarshipsInternational students with excellent academic qualificationsPartial tuition fee waiversVarious fields offered by the University of Agder

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Scholarships Details to Study in Norway for Free

While there are a number of scholarships that entirely cover tuition fees for all Indian students in Norway, here are the top 5 options with details specifically relevant to Indian applicants.

A. Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship Programme

This prestigious scholarship is a perfect fit for Indian students passionate about maritime fields like marine engineering or nautical science.  The scholarship caters specifically to Master’s degrees in these disciplines at select Norwegian universities.  It stands out for its comprehensive coverage, offering not only full tuition fees but also living expenses and even travel costs. This generous support makes it a highly attractive option for Indian students seeking to excel in the maritime sector.

CoverageFull tuition fees, living expenses, and travel costs.
EligibilityOpen to outstanding Indian students with a strong academic background in relevant fields.
Application DeadlineOpen in October/November and close in February of the following year

ERASMUS+ Grant (India Specific)

This program offers a broader range of possibilities for Indian students considering various fields of study in Norway.  The ERASMUS+ Grant supports student exchange programs between Indian and Norwegian universities.  While eligibility criteria and grant amounts can vary depending on the specific program and university, it typically offers partial tuition fee coverage and a living stipend.  This financial relief can make a significant difference in making a Norwegian education more affordable.  Be sure to check with your chosen university for details on available exchange programs and their associated ERASMUS+ grant opportunities.

CoveragePartial tuition fee coverage and a living stipend (amount varies).
EligibilityIndian students enrolled in exchange programs between Indian and Norwegian universities. Eligibility criteria and grant amounts vary depending on the specific program and university.
Application DeadlineVaries

High North Fellowship Programme

This scholarship caters to Indian students with a specific interest in the unique environment and challenges of Northern Norway.  If your academic aspirations lie in Arctic studies, social sciences, or other fields relevant to this region, the High North Fellowship Programme could be a perfect match.  The program offers tuition fee coverage and a living expense stipend, making studying in Norway a more realistic possibility.

CoverageTuition fee coverage and a living expense stipend.
EligibilityOpen to qualified Indian students interested in studying Northern Norway’s unique environment and challenges. Specific eligibility criteria and target countries may vary depending on the year’s program focus.
Application DeadlineVaries

The Fridtjof Nansen Scholarship Programme

This program offers full tuition fees and a living expense stipend, providing substantial financial support for deserving Indian students.  However, eligibility is based on quotas allocated to specific developing countries designated by the Norwegian government.  If India is included in the quota system for a particular year and your chosen field of study aligns with the program’s goals, this scholarship could be a game-changer.

CoverageCovers full tuition fees and a living stipend to help with living expenses in Norway.
EligibilityOpen to qualified students from developing countries designated by the Norwegian government.Quota systems apply, meaning a limited number of scholarships are available for each designated country.
Application DeadlineVaries

Indian Government Scholarships for Overseas Studies

Don’t forget to explore scholarship opportunities offered by the Indian government itself.  These scholarships can provide varying degrees of financial support, potentially including tuition fees and living expenses, for Indian students pursuing higher education abroad.  While not specific to Norway, these scholarships can significantly ease the financial burden of studying in any country, including Norway. 

CoverageVaries, potentially including tuition fees and living expenses.
EligibilityOffered by the Indian government to meritorious Indian students pursuing higher education abroad. Specific eligibility criteria and application procedures are determined by the Indian government and may change.
Application DeadlineVaries

Top Universities in Norway for International Students To Study in Norway for Free

While tuition fees for international students outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland are free in Norway, several prestigious universities offer exceptional higher educational experiences with scholarship opportunities to minimize the financial burden. Here are some top universities in Norway for international students.

University of Oslo (UiO)University-specific scholarships & external opportunities (ERASMUS+)VariesMedicine, Law, Humanities, Social Sciences
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)NTNU Scholarship (Master’s in specific fields)Tuition fees, living expensesScience & Technology (Engineering, Natural Sciences, Medicine)
University of Bergen (UiB)University-specific scholarships & external opportunities (ERASMUS+)VariesHumanities, Social Sciences, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Law, Economics
Arctic University of Norway (UiT)University-specific scholarships & external opportunities (ERASMUS+)VariesArctic Research & Education (Arctic Biology, Marine Sciences, Law)
Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL)University-specific scholarships & external opportunities (ERASMUS+)VariesPractical & Profession-oriented Programs (Engineering, Business, Maritime Studies)
BI Norwegian Business SchoolBI Norwegian Business School Presidential Scholarship (Full Tuition, living stipend)Full tuition, living stipendBusiness programs
Telemark University College (HiTelemark)University-specific scholarships & external opportunitiesVariesEngineering, Social Sciences, Teacher Education, Health Sciences
NMBU – Norwegian University of Life SciencesUniversity-specific scholarships & external opportunitiesVariesLife Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Food Science, Landscape Architecture
Stavanger University (UiS)University-specific scholarships & external opportunitiesVariesPetroleum Engineering, Offshore Technology, Social Sciences, Humanities
Nord University (Nord universitet)University-specific scholarships & external opportunitiesVariesSocial Sciences, Teacher Education, Nursing, Business

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Can Indian students study for free in Norway?

No, it’s not costing anything to study in Norway. Along with Finland and Germany, Norway is a well-known European country where you can get a good education for free or at a very low cost.

How much does it cost to study in Norway?

Annual fees could be anywhere from 70,000 NOK (€7,000) to 150,000 NOK (€13,000).

How to study in Norway from India?

To go to university in Norway, you need to get a student visa. There is a Norwegian Embassy or office in India where you can get your student visa.


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