Study Abroad: Canada Global Talent Stream a Fast Track Route for Work Permit

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GTS (Global Talent Stream) of Canada is a fast-track program created to attract highly talented workers to satisfy the demands of the Canadian labour market. Employment and Social Development Canada oversees the Global Talent Stream under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). IRCC is responsible for approving the work permit applications. 


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Eligibility Criteria for Global Talent Stream

Overseas workers and businesses are required to fulfill certain requirements to be eligible for the Global Talent Stream (GTS):

  • Employers must not have any infractions or convictions and must adhere to Canadian labour rules
  • They are required to create a labour market benefits plan with their details of commitment to initiatives that will help to improve their labour market in Canada
  • Foreign employees must meet the requirements such as education, training, and work experience for the offered position
  • English or French proficiency is necessary depending on the nature of the job

The processing time of GTS is affected by mainly two factors such as the volume of applications and the intricacies of the case. To accommodate the demands of both companies and international employees and the Canadian government has nevertheless taken steps to speed up the processing time for the GTS applications. 

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Full List of Occupations Eligible Under Global Talent Stream Category B

Computer and information systems managers
Civil engineers
Electrical and electronics engineers
Mining engineers
Aerospace engineers
Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
Mathematicians and statisticians *Positions for actuaries or related occupations are excluded from this subset.
Information systems analysts and consultants
Database analysts and data administrators
Software engineers and designers
Computer programmers and interactive media developers
Web designers and developers
Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians
Computer network technicians(NOC 2021 occupation: Computer network and web technicians)
Information systems testing technicians

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