Study in Australia: Crackdown in Migrant Exploitation by New Visa Reforms 

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As per the new reform, it will be a criminal offence to coerce someone into breaching their visa conditions.

Major changes in visa conditions for migrants in Australia. New reforms will work as a game changer for workers in Australia. It will save them from getting exploited by their “employers” without risking their visas. Additionally, the Migration Act will work as a way for migrants to expose and leave exploitative employers. 


The Australian authorities granted around 39,460 visas as of 31 March. The new measure will allow workers on student visas to work more than 40 hours a fortnight without losing their visas

Furthermore, government ministers will consult with unions, civil society and businesses regarding the structure of the protections. Also, funding of $50 million will be granted to support the Australian Border Force for new visa measures. 

Study in Australia: Crackdown in Migrant Exploitation by New Visa Reforms 

Additionally, an increase of 73% in visas with 67,470 primary visa holders in the country as of 31 March was seen. The statistics include 2,250 ICT business analysts, 4,410 software engineers, 1,950 developer programmers, 1,400 management consultants, and 870 analyst programmers.

As per the ABS, around 1.639M temporary visa holders in Australia including drivers, salespersons, and food trades as most represented. 

Australian Government Says 

Australian immigration minister, Andrew Giles said changes in visa conditions will address the “crisis of exploitation” in the country. Migrant workers will be able to safely address wage theft and walk away from employers who exploit them. 

Government ministers have said, “Almost unchecked” abuse of migrant workers created a situation. 1 in 6 migrants in Australia was being paid less than the minimum wage. 

The measures to penalise “unscrupulous employers” who have “routinely exploited” low-wage workers are to be taken. Minister for Home Affairs Clare O’Neil says reforms will be introduced in Parliament in the coming days. 

She says, “Over the last ten years our migration system has drifted deeper into reliance on low-paid temporary migrant workers who we know are exploited.”

Clare says, “This has been happening almost unchecked in our migration system. It is a reflection of the competency and values of the government.” 

Govt to Launch a Fair Deal for All Applicants

Additionally, Bassina Farbenblum, co-executive director of the Migrant Justice Institute and Faculty of Law and Justice says these reforms will work as game-changers if implemented effectively. 

Neha Madhok, Democracy in Colour national director says, “Australia’s economy continues to rely on the work of migrants and other visa holders.”

She adds, “The government must ensure that all reforms of the migration system protect migrant workers and treat everyone with dignity.”

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