Study Abroad: University Of Bradford Explores Collaboration With Indian Universities

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University Of Bradford Explores Collaboration With Indian Universities
University Of Bradford Explores Collaboration With Indian Universities
Top officials from the University of Bradford visited Vadodara for academic collaboration which was a part of the 12-day India-Sri Lanka tour.

The University of Bradford’s top officials visited Vadodara during their India-Sri Lanka tour. The aim of this visit was to strengthen ties between the two countries and promote research and educational exchanges. This is because international students bring great advantages not only to the economy but also to the global education sector. The University of Bradford also wanted to raise its International standard. The officials met the prospective students at the partner’s Global Colliance Office in Vadodara itself.


Top Officials of India-Sri Lanka Tour

The top officials from the India-Sri Lanka tour who were present at the meeting are as follows. These officials also met and greeted the future stakeholders of the educational concierge while putting forward their opinions.

  • Vice Chancellor Professor Shirley Congdon, University of Bradford.
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Chris Gaffney, University of Bradford.
  • Professor and Associate Dean, Vishanth Weerakkody, School of Management, University of Bradford.
  • Regional Manager of South Asia and Indonesia, Jaishree Chaturvedi, MCIM.

The Event 

The top officials met the Indian officials from leading universities and research institutions, industry leaders, and policymakers. In the meeting, they expressed the desire to create a joint research project, faculty, and student exchange program. This is because the future will be created by meritorious students who get great educational opportunities. Additionally, collaborating with these stakeholders would make education easily available and affordable to international students looking for global careers.

Core Objectives of the India-Sri Lanka Tour

The India-Sri Lanka tour looked forward to providing better educational opportunities to all external stakeholders. Thus, the core objectives of the meeting were as follows:

  • To have diverse international students from India and Sri Lanka.
  • To increase the International prestige of the University of Bradford.
  • To develop partnerships and to engage with businesses and institutions.
  • To launch ambassador schemes and alumni representatives to reconnect with alumni.

Opinions of Top Officials

The Vice-Chancellor Professor Shirley Congodon stated that the reason for the visit is to combine the strengths and to advance academic research. Additionally, he talked about collaboration with India and the desire to welcome top Indian officials to the University.

According to Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Chris Gaffney, the visit signifies the potential for greater collaboration in the future. Jaishree Chaturvedi added that the aim is to drive sustainable economic and social development through excellent teaching and innovation.

University of Bradford

University Of Bradford Explores Collaboration With Indian Universities

The University of Bradford is one of the leading technical universities in the world. 77% of the University research has received 3rd and 4th ranks for its impact. The University has received several awards. For example, the 2021 Queen’s Anniversary Prize for outstanding contribution to Archaeology.

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