Study Abroad: UK is Planning to Lift Work Hour Limit

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UK is planning to lift the work hour limit for international students who are currently studying. Motive behind this step is to tackle the low workforce in UK.

UK is planning to lift work hour Limit. Yes, This is for real that The UK government is now focusing on expanding the number of working hours for international students. The motive behind this step is to fill the job vacancies in the United Kingdom. 


According to The Times the Ministers in the UK are in favor of extending working hours from 20 hours/week to 30 hours/week or to remove it entirely. 

This news came exactly when home secretary Suella Braverman is in favor of decreasing the graduate route visa. She wants six months of post-study work which is of 2 years of duration.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt wants to boom the workforce so that it can battle inflation due to high vacancy levels driving up wages.

A Work and Pensions Department spokesperson stated that it’s “considering a range of factors to address inactivity”.

To decrease the graduate route, this recommended proposal got massively bashed by university’s stakeholders. Not only the university’s stakeholders criticized this step but also some members in Braverman’s party.

The Education Department and International Trade Department are both in favor of the thought of decreasing the duration of the post-study work visa.

On 25th January 2023, Priti Patel, Former Home Secretary, welcomed the graduate route at an event. She said she believes in the scheme.

Previous week, the APPG for international students wrote to ministers insisting them to make the necessary changes to “maximize” the UK’s education exports sector.

It is also reported in The Times that Braverman wants to make student visas more reasonable globally. On the other hand, the Home Office could use the plan to increase work hours during studies.

Chief executive of the Russell Group Tim Bradshaw said in a statement that there are“mixed messages” from the UK government “undermine our reputation as one of the best places in the world to study and is already deterring students from countries like India where the government is trying to forge stronger economic links”.

Director of Universities UK International Jamie Arrowsmith, stated it’s great to see the UK government acknowledge the skills and prowess international students help the UK economy, the related body has doubts with the proposals to permit them to do work for longer hours.

UK is Planning to Lift Work Hour Limit for the international students so that they can can more learn more while studying.

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