Study Abroad: When to take the IELTS Test? Canada Immigration

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Study Abroad: When to take the IELTS Test? Canada Immigration

Candidates who are planning to go through the immigration process in Canada this year must sit for the IELTS test as it is a crucial part of the process. Know when is the perfect time to attempt this test. As we all know it is mandatory to give proof of English Language Proficiency test with official certification for most of the immigration pathways in Canada. Check the best times of the year to take the IELTS test based on past years’ trends. 

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Study Abroad: When to take the IELTS Test? Canada Immigration

Best Time to take the IELTS Test

The best time to take the IELTS test would be the time when immigration issues the highest number of applications. During this time the aspirants should not leave their preparation till the last minute. It is suggested that the candidates must prepare for the IELTS exam at least one or two months before the final test. Therefore, for the year 2024, January and February are the best months to start studying for the IELTS test. However, the candidates must check the application deadlines of the institutions or immigration authorities before applying. They must also keep in mind that the IELTS test has a two-year expiry date from the time they took the test.

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Why to take the IELTS Test?

IELTS is one of the IRCC-approved language tests and is recognized by over 12000 organizations and institutions approximately in 150 countries. Also, the IELTS test applies to Canadian immigration processes such as the Permanent Residence application. 

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