Study Abroad: UK-India FTA Expected to Bring Eased Work Visa Regulations for Indians

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UK government is aiming to bring new regulations for work visa requirements for Indian professionals. The United Kingdom is to ease the work visa regulations for Indian professionals as per the Free Trade Agreement (FTA). However, the new implementations are likely to be limited as immigration is a politically sensitive issue in the UK. 

Study Abroad: UK-India FTA Expected to Bring Eased Work Visa Regulations for Indians

Furthermore, till now, the United Kingdom refused any concessions or relaxations to its visa and immigration under FTA with India. In addition, immigration is still a contentious issue until the next general election.

The Indian government has consistently campaigned for more access for its citizens. Mostly, all the control over immigration was instituted in the wake of Brexit in 2016 which was about the number of people coming into the country. 

Reason behind New UK-India FTA Reforms

The conversation between India and the UK ran into trouble over better access to thousands of skilled employees. The issues were even exacerbated by UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s immigration policy regarding Indian immigrants.

In a recent interview, Braverman highlighted concerns about a relaxation provided by the trade agreement. She stated that the “largest group of people who overstayed” were Indians.

These remarks, which were made last week, were not well received by India. The remark stated that both countries should “honour” their “understanding” of migratory mobility.

However, the British government should provide information on the number of Indian business travellers who overstayed their visas, according to Indian officials.

The United Kingdom has recently, taken a number of actions to reduce immigration into the nation during the previous several months. Additionally, offering a few choices for current immigrants to stay in the nation.

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