Study Abroad in USA: Academic Resource Centre (ARC) Consolidates Student Learning Centres

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Academic Resource Centre
Academic Resource Centre
Drexel University Announced the Academic Resource Centre (ARC). Various Types of Services Offered by ARC for Comfortable Study Posts.

Drexel University unveiled the Academic Resource Center on February 22, Academic Resource Centre (ARC). It will be the focal point for academic help on a campus situated in the Korman Center. The ARC will consolidate the various on-campus academic services into one place. This is to give students an easy method to access academic opportunities and resources. The Academic Resource Centre (ARC) will provide amenities like pleasant study spaces, multidisciplinary tutoring, and a network of academic resources. These are for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Academic Resource Centre

Tutoring At Drexel Writing Center

The Academic Resource Centre (ARC) includes the Drexel Writing Center. This also provides tutoring in biology, chemistry, arithmetic, and physics. The ARC provides tutoring for the majority of introductory and 100-level biology, chemistry, and physics classes. There are choices for remote tutoring as well as one-on-one assistance at the Drexel Writing Center and Math Resource Center. For tutoring appointments, students should get in touch with their professors or go to the ARC’s website. Tutoring for various topics has historically been offered. However, the Academic Resource Center consolidates all of these resources into one location. This makes it simple for students to access the assistance they require.

Services Provided By Academic Resource Centre (ARC)

The Academic Resource Centre (ARC) runs the Learning Alliance, a network of resources and services for students. They provide general services such as undergraduate research programmes, disability resources, and the Center for Autism and Neurodiversity. Individuals can access these through the Academic Resource Centre (ARC) website, in addition to discipline-specific resources. The English Learning Center, which is a part of the Learning Alliance, provides assistance to overseas students through tutoring, advice, and diagnostic services.

Not housed at the Korman Center, the Center for Learning and Academic Achievement Services is still a crucial tool (CLASS). With academic counselling from peers and professionals, courses on time management and study skills, and access to learning specialists, CLASS aids students. The general studies elective GSTD 100, Strategies for Academic Success, is a special tool offered by CLASS. It covers subjects like learning techniques, personal growth, academic self-management, and resource management. Moreover, CLASS supports StudyPalooza, an annual event that provides students with interactive study advice, stress-relieving activities, and food to help them get ready for finals.

Faculty at Drexel

The Academic Resource Center will be led by Rebecca Weidensaul, Ph.D. She manages the Academic Resource Centre (ARC) and CLASS in her role as Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management & Student Success, drawing on her extensive knowledge of student life and collaborative style. Weidensaul oversees student success initiatives like the Drexel Autism Support Program and the Center for Inclusive Education and Scholarship.

Weidensaul has 20 years of expertise in the athletics department at Drexel. He has also worked on the undergraduate admissions committee. Dr. Weidensaul transformed how students at Drexel avail academic materials, making the abundance of opportunities and resources already available even more readily available and simple to utilize. 

Supporting students and putting them in a position for academic achievement is the main objective of the new Academic Resource Center. The center will act as a focal point for students’ academic needs and is a quick and easy way for Dragons to get the help they require. It also gives them access to a wide range of resources in one location.

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