Study Abroad: 5 Scholarships to Make MBBS Dream a Reality

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Study Abroad: 5 Scholarships to Make MBBS Dream a Reality

Several organizations and educational institutions offer scholarships to Indian students to study MBBS abroad.  According to the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, in 10 years a total of 4,61,017 Indian students have applied for scholarships to study overseas. The reason is, scholarships cover the expenses a student might incur while studying abroad. Thus, it reduces the financial burden on the student.

An MBBS scholarship can cover the full/partial tuition fees, travel expenses, medical expenses, health insurance, and miscellaneous expenses. However, the amount of scholarship and the eligibility for the same vary depending on the type of scholarship. 

Top 5 MBBS Scholarships to Study Abroad

Study Abroad: 5 Scholarships to Make MBBS Dream a Reality

Algoma University Chancellor’s Award

Algoma University in Canada offers the Algoma University Chancellor’s Award to meritorious students. The benefit is CAD 5000/ NR 3.08 lakh toward tuition fees. Those who have completed the 12th standard are eligible for the scholarship. Moreover, the student needs to clear the English proficiency exams like IELTS/TOEFL.

NCI Master’s Edge Scholarship

The National College of Ireland Master’s Edge Scholarship is available for any qualified NCI student/alumni. The scholarship benefit is a 25% reduction in tuition fees. Students with good financial and academic standing are eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship deadline for this year is on 18th August 2023.

JGC-S Scholarship Foundation

The JGC- S Scholarship is provided by JGC Corporation, an engineering company in Japan. The scholarship benefit is 300,000 yen per year/INR 1.71 lakh.  Applicants must be healthy, excellent in academics, and must be willing to study in Japan. However, to apply the interested student must contact the department of the university.  The application period is between April to November every year.

Sato Yo International Scholarship Foundation

The Sato Yo International Scholarship is available to Indian students wanting to study in Japan. The duration of the scholarship is 2 years. The scholarship for undergraduate students is 150,000 yen/month/INR 85.794.23. Additionally, support is given to cover the tuition fee expenses. For graduate students, the scholarship is 180,000 yen/month/INR 1.02 lakh. The scholarship application can be sent in the month of June and December 2023.

Pearl Educational Excellence Award

The Pearl Educational Excellence Award for higher education in India is available for MBBS students. The scholarship is granted by the Pearl Academy. The scholarship covers the expenses of the students. Moreover, the beneficiaries would receive a citation and trophy during the award ceremony.

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