Study Abroad: Scenarios that Can Cause Removal from Canada

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A deportation order is a removal order entailing a permanent restriction on returning to Canada. When a temporary or permanent resident violates the law then the government of Canada has the authority to expel the individual permanently from Canada.


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Scenarios Causing Removal from Canada

Check below the scenarios that can cause removal from Canada:

  • If the candidates commit a major offense with a maximum jail sentence of ten years or more in Canada such as murder and kidnapping.
  • When an immigrant is caught in theft exceeding $5000 or robbery without a firearm or tried to flee police.
  • He has possession of banned weapons and ammunition
  • Assault resulting in bodily harm, with or without a firearm
  • Candidates who have used or owned a stolen or counterfeit credit card
  • Candidates caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol will result in deportation.
  • Candidates committing aggravated felony can cause deportation
  • Individuals convicted of two or more minor crimes may result in deportation
  • Candidates caught in acts of spying, attempting to topple a government, terrorism, etc
  • Human rights or International breaches such as war crimes, crimes against humanity, etc can result in deportation

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After the removal order becomes effective they must depart Canada within the mentioned time frame. In any case, if they fail to attend a removal interview or are not present on the planned date of removal the CBSA will issue a Canada-wide arrest warrant. Candidates who get a removal order have 30 days to appeal it to IAD. Candidates can file a removal order appeal by submitting:

  • Completed notice of appeal form
  • Copy of the removal order that they got

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