Study Abroad: 5 LGBTQ Scholarships for International Students

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Study Abroad: 5 LGBTQ Scholarships for International Students
The international scholarships would cover the tuition fees, living expenses, and miscellaneous expenses of the students.

LQBTQ scholarship for international students granted to support further education. Recipients of scholarships do not have to pay them back. Hence, they are a great choice for students who want to study abroad.  Generally, international scholarships cover the tuition fees, living expenses, travel costs, health insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses of the student. 


However, the amount and type of scholarship granted varies on the basis of the institution. LGBTQ scholarships are provided by institutions, state specified organizations, and the federal government. They can even be location specific. Interested students can apply for the same before the deadline.

LGBTQ Scholarships for International Students 

The LGBTQ community grants scholarships to students who belong to the community or have taken initiative to support the rights of LGBTQ community members. Furthermore, they assess students based on their academic qualifications. Here we have listed the top 5 upcoming LGBTQ scholarships for International students.

National Gay Pilots Association Scholarship

The National Gay Pilots Association grants the scholarship to international students interested in pursuing aviation as a career. They grant the scholarships to students from the LGBTQ community. Moreover, students who have contributed to the LGBTQ community can also apply. The deadline for the scholarship is 31st July, 2023. 

Flagship Scholarship

The Flagship Scholarship by Point Foundation is another LGBTQ scholarship for International students. Those who want to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral degrees in the US are eligible. The scholarship benefits include financial support, access to multiple leadership programs, mentorship and coaching. Application deadline is in November.

UCLA Lambda Alumni Association Scholarship

The UCLA Lambda Alumni Association grants the Lambda Alumni Association Scholarship to LGBTQ students or students who have demonstrated commitment/leadership to the community. The beneficiaries receive scholarships up to $5,000/INR 4.09 lakh. However, the scholarship deadline varies.

LGBTQIA+ in Advancing Tech & Data Science Scholarship

The grantors award the LGBTQ scholarship for International students to individuals who seek to study technology and data science.. However, the scholarships are only open for low income/first generation LGBTQIA high school students. Scholarship benefit is an amount of  $5020 (INR 4.11 lakh). The application deadline is 15 July,2023.

SOULE Foundation Scholarship

LGBTQ youth and young people of color can apply to the OULE Foundation Scholarship. To be eligible for the scholarship, a student must have enrolled as a full time student in a US university. The SOULE Foundation grant scholarships up to $5,000 (INR 4.09 lakh). However, the deadline varies.

LGBTQ scholarship will assist members of the LGBTQ community to study abroad. Hence, interested students can apply for the same before the deadline. To apply for scholarships in the UK visit this site. To  discover more news updates like this one visit the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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