Study Abroad: European Business Schools Rise in Competition With the USA 

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Study Abroad: European Business Schools Rise in Competition With the USA

So far, USA’s M7 institutions have been considered the best for Business studies and related popular courses like MBA. Besides, these courses are in high demand currently, therefore, many European business schools are improving their performance in this educational field. 


This has also resulted in greater demand for European Business Schools among international students. Moreover, these schools have also climbed ranks to leave some of the highly accredited and in-demand business schools worldwide. 

Top Business Schools in Europe in 2023

Here is the list of best business schools in Europe in 2023 that are preferred by students to study and research in the field of business administration. 

How Are European Business Schools Improving Their Ranking?

A new approach is what is making things work for the European business schools. They have worked hard to realise the differences in education and industry requirements to equip their degrees with the best standard of education. Here are some key factors they have worked on. 

  • Innovating the degree curriculum. The introduction of a year MBA and online MBA has boosted enrollments. The key feature is that reduction in duration does not impact the quality of education in these MBA programmes. 
  • Students lurking on global business careers. Europe is now more affordable for MBAs due to shorter programs making it the most preferred destination for business. Moreover, post-study work opportunities after the completion of the course make it even more worthwhile as students can practice their managerial skills at global business organisations.  
  • Diversifying the classrooms. If you look at an MBA class in top business schools, you will find 90% of international students there. This inclusivity in top programmes has been an example and inspiration for many students to choose European universities as their dreams get a more affordable outlook in the region. 
  • European business schools are also greatly incorporating curriculum based on sustainable businesses. This is not only a good practice for the environment but also an in-demand factor in businesses today. As businesses are shifting towards sustainable goals, students with educational backgrounds are expected to find many new opportunities.

Europe is already one of the most preferred study-abroad destinations and improving its business-oriented courses will add more gems to its crown. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates. 

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