Study Abroad: Saint Louis University Launches LevelUP Program Empowering International Students in US Job Market

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LU’s comprehensive career pathway offers work experience opportunities and dispels misconceptions for international students.

To address the challenges faced by international students seeking employment in the USA, Saint Louis University (SLU) has launched the LevelUP program. This program aims to empower international students, boost their employability, and dispel misconceptions surrounding the hiring process.


Recently announced during events in Mumbai and Hyderabad, LevelUP is set to revolutionize the career trajectory of international students at SLU. Luchen Li, PhD, Associate Vice President for Global Engagement and International Enrollment at SLU, expressed his elation about the program. He states that the program promises to provide career preparedness and open doors to new opportunities.

Eric Armbrecht, PhD, Associate Provost and Director of SLU’s Global Graduate Program, highlighted the importance of supporting students. Armbrecht stated that the LevelUP program aligns with SLU’s commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and healthcare. The partnership with Excelerate enables SLU to connect with individuals worldwide in an innovative and impactful manner.

Study Abroad: Saint Louis University Launches LevelUP Program Empowering International Students in US Job Market

More About LevelUP

LevelUP offers a comprehensive support system that equips students with the necessary skills for their chosen careers. Along with that, it also addresses misconceptions hindering the hiring of international students. Through the program, SLU seeks to enable international students to excel in their respective fields, stand out in the competitive job market, and achieve their career aspirations.

The LevelUP program acts as a journey map for professional success. It also provides students with access to a range of opportunities including internships, career events, workshops, and competitions. These experiences will help students gain the tools and knowledge needed to thrive not only at SLU but also in their future careers.

What sets LevelUP apart is its unique partnership with Excelerate. It offers personalized experiences and internship opportunities to develop 21st-century skills.

As many US companies hesitate to hire international students due to perceived complexities, LevelUP aims to dispel these misconceptions and level the playing field for international students. SLU is also determined to enhance the employability of its student community by guaranteeing work experience and providing comprehensive support.

The program signifies a significant step forward in addressing the challenges faced by international students in the American job market. Moreover, it underscores SLU’s dedication to offering a transformative educational experience that prepares students for success in their chosen fields.

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