Study Abroad: Here Are 3 Mistakes To Avoid While Going Abroad

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Study Abroad: Here Are 3 Mistakes To Avoid While Going Abroad
Students should make sure that their application is up to the mark, before submitting it. Their essays should also be eye-catching.

Recently, there has been a significant rise in the number of Indian students who wish to go abroad to pursue higher education. As per recent data shown in Parliament by the government, it is seen that there was a 68 per cent rise in Indian students who wanted to study abroad


Data shows that there was a sudden spike in the number of students who wanted to go abroad. In 2022, around 7 lakh students went abroad as compared to 2021 where only 4 lakh students were there.

Each year, numerous students wish to go abroad, study and some even wish to get a PR. Although, some applicants are turned down by the authorities during the admission process or in the visa interview.

However, students often make mistakes while enrolling in a new program. They often leave the foreign country after starting the course, as they can’t finish it or regret their choices. This happens because students and their parents make mistakes which they are unaware of, resulting in financial loss and stress.

Here is an image showing the data on the number of students who went abroad.

Study Abroad: Here Are 3 Mistakes To Avoid While Going Abroad

Mistakes To Avoid While Going Abroad

Here are the three mistakes which candidates make and how to prevent them.

Submitting Application With Half Documents

Authorities often receive incomplete applications and almost half of them end up getting spurned from foreign universities and visa offices. Students often believe that they can make it through the application process if they meet nine out of ten requirements. This is untrue.

When submitting an application one should make sure that they include all the supporting documents, as indicated on the university website. Before submitting the application, students should double-check the documents list and then send it.

Look At Your Choices

It is very important for the student to decide the college which might be the perfect fit for them. Once the college is clear, only then look at costs, curriculum, institution’s focus areas and other factors. 

Essays Are Important

Every day, an admissions officer comes across dozens of essays. Therefore, to catch his/her it is very important that the applications are captivating, and prepared in such a manner that it attracts the reader. 

It is very important that the student puts all his effort when writing an essay. 

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