Study Abroad: Over 40% of UK Universities Investigating Students for Using AI Chatbots; Report Finds

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More than 40 per cent of United Kingdom universities are investigating students for using AI chat bots like ChatGPT.

More than 40% of universities in the UK are currently conducting investigations into students suspected of using AI chatbots. According to a recent report, students are using ChatGPT to cheat in their exams. 


A popular online news outlet revealed that since December 2022, approximately 48 educational institutions have initiated investigations. It was found that students were using ChatGPT during assessments.

The report disclosed that a total of 377 students have been subject to scrutiny for utilizing AI chatbots in university-assigned projects. Out of these 146 students are found guilty, while several cases are still pending. 

Scope of Investigation

The University of Kent had the highest number of investigations. The university examined 47 students who allegedly used ChatGPT or similar AI chatbot platforms. The study further highlighted that these AI-related investigations are taking a considerable amount of time to reach a solution. 

The Birkbeck University of London reposts says that 41 students have gone through an investigation. However, only less than five students have admitted to the offence. The university stated, “As this is a new technology, most of these investigations are still ongoing.”

Study Abroad: Over 40% of UK Universities Investigating Students for using AI Chatbots; Report Finds

Leeds Beckett University ranks third in terms of the number of investigations conducted. The university is grappling with the rapidly evolving situation surrounding generative AI tools. Out of the 35 inquiries launched, more than half have yet to produce a definitive outcome.

Student Perspective and Usage

A recent survey shed light on student perspectives regarding using AI tools like ChatGPT for completing assignments and exams. Survey revealed that over half of college students (51%) consider using such tools as a form of cheating or plagiarism. However, many students admitted to using them despite this belief.

These findings underscore the growing concern within UK universities about using AI chatbots as a means of academic dishonesty. Institutions are grappling with how to effectively address this issue while recognizing the need for ongoing adaptation in response to emerging technologies.

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