Study Abroad: PM Announces National Space Day; Inspiring Students to Soar as Space Scientists

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Study Abroad: PM Announces National Space Day; Inspiring Students to Soar as Space Scientists

PMO announced that the 23rd of August will be celebrated as National Space Day in India from now on. This comes as no big surprise as Chandrayaan 3’s safe and successful landing on the moon has filled our hearts with pride and gratitude. 


As for the youth, it has also filled them with hope to be a part of such missions one day. Students who dream of becoming space scientists glued their eyes to every telecast talking of updates on Chandrayaan 3

Chandrayaan 3 has not only broken records but also the leashes that the students are often tied with. When children used to ask if they could also go to the moon while watching Neil Armstrong land, Indian parents have always responded with a standard answer, ‘It is very difficult, you’ll have to study a lot!’. 

But what if we change this tradition on account of having our own National Space Day, what if we now tell each student that to become an astronomer or an astronaut is as easy as to dream about it?

How to Become a Space Scientist? 

If you teleport into outer space every time you close your eyes, then here is how you can do it with your eyes open! To become an Astronaut, Astronomer or Space Scientist the first step is to go for the science stream and opt for Mathematics alongside Physics and Chemistry in Class 12th. Complete your graduation in either of the following after that; B.Sc. in physics, chemistry, Mathematics, or B.E./ B.Tech

However, you will have to sit for various entrance examinations for the same. Subsequently, attain a Master’s and then a PhD degree to become completely eligible. Remember that major space organisations accept degrees in Engineering or Pure Science for any of the posts. Also, it is better to work on related projects during your graduation, postgraduation and PhD degrees. 

Best Countries to Study Astronomy

One can attain degrees at any place in the world, but what matters the most is how much their education is contributing towards their dream. Countries that provide the best research, practice equipment and hands-on experiences are the ones that a student must choose. 

Countries like Japan, Germany, Russia, the USA, Belgium, Canada and Finland have earned big fame for imparting the best education in this field. Students get a chance to learn from the best professors and equipment. They also work on the best projects to level up their careers. 

Another country not to be missed from the list is India. Once, every student had dreamt of working at NASA but today, with one big success after the other ISRO is becoming a dream destination to work as a space scientist. 

Study Abroad: PM Announces National Space Day; Inspiring Students to Soar as Space Scientists

Mangalyaan and Chandrayaan-3 are examples of how ISRO is leaving the world back in space exploration. You can call our study abroad experts to chart your journey to space. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates. 

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