All About Chandrayaan-3: Mission

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All About Chandrayaan-3

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Department of Space launched Chandryaan-3 on 14 July 2023 at 2:35 pm to reach the moon. It is the follow-up of the Chandrayaan-2 mission. According to the recent updates released by the ISRO, the Chandrayaan-3 is on its way to invade its final stage today i.e. 23 August 2023. The entire world is eagerly waiting to witness the landing of it on the moon. Keep reading this blog to know all about it!

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Details About Chandrayaan-3

Space AgencyIndian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
Launch Date14 July 2023
Launch Timing2:35 pm
Landing Date23 August 2023
Launch mass3900 kg
Mission Life1 Lunar day that is equivalent to 14 Earth days
Number of Modules2
ModulesPropulsion Module and Lander Module (Rover is inside the Lander)

Mission of Chandrayaan-3

The updates from the Department of Space reveal that Chandrayaan-3 would perform its soft landing on the lunar surface at 6:04 pm on 23 August 2023. Its LIVE Telecast will start at 5:20 pm. 

As conveyed by the ISRO, this mission will generate a soft landing on the lunar surface i.e. south pole of the moon with the help of the Lander. The Rover which is incorporated in the Lander would eventually come out after the landing and perform in-situ scientific experiments. 

What Happens When Chandrayaan-3 Demonstrates Soft-landing

The main aim of the spacecraft is to perform a soft landing at the lunar south pole which is a region with darkness and extreme cold with frozen water ice. Scientists believe that it could be the region where they could find oxygen, water, and fuel for the future moon mission.

The Lander does not have wheels it is made of stiff legs, and the Rover will get deployed by the Lander. Post-landing the rover will move around on the moon and perform experiments and collects data for future studies.

If this mission becomes successful, then India will become the only country in the world to demonstrate a soft landing on the moon. 


What is the current status of Chandrayaan-3?

It will perform its soft landing today with the help of its lander at around 6:04 pm at the lunar south pole of the moon.

When will Chandrayaan-3 land on the moon?

Chandryaan-3 will land on the moon at 6:04 pm, and its LIVE telecast will begin at 5:20 pm.

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