Study Abroad: How to Extend the Stay in Canada as a Student?

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Study Abroad: How to Extend the Stay in Canada as a Student?

Once international students obtain a study permit they may require to extend or change their study permit while they are studying in Canada. Usually, a study permit expires after 90 days of the end of the study permit. In case, the students are not able to complete their program before their study permit expires then they will be required to extend their study permit. IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship) always suggests that the candidates must apply for their study permit at least 30 days before their current study permit expires. However, it is even better to apply for it more than 30 days before as the application may face some delays or other issues and the process is rejected.


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Study Abroad: How to Extend the Stay in Canada as a Student?

The study Permit is Yet to Expire

In case the candidates have applied for change, renewal, or extension before their current status expires then they are considered to be on maintained status as a temporary resident until IRCC has given their decision on the application. Therefore, the candidates will only be allowed to continue their studies as long as they stay in Canada.

Study Permit has Expired

In case the study permit has expired and the candidates have not applied to extend their study permit then they will lose their status in Canada. They will not be able to continue or restart their studies until IRCC has restored their status and issued a new study permit. They will have to pay certain fees such as CAN$200 to restore status and CAN$150 for new study permit.

How to Stay in Canada After Graduation?

The candidates must maintain a legal status to stay in Canada after graduation:

  • Applying for other types of work permits depending on the situation and eligibility
  • Apply to change the status to visitor
  • Apply for a second study permit which allows them to continue their studies

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