Study Abroad: PTE Essential By Pearson Canada Inc. For Canadian Immigration Application Of Economic Class Candidates

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IRCC will now accept PTE Essential scores as a part of the English proficiency tests to immigrate to Canada; a great opportunity for students and professionals.

Canada had been widely accepting PTE Academic scores for immigration to the country. Especially students were getting a huge help in getting into Canadian Universities because most Canadian institutes accepted this score. However, for professionals and PR applicants, PTE Academic had still been a dicey option. However, Pearson Canada Inc. has joined hands with IRCC to help with the immigration of professionals to Canada. 


PTE Essential is a new English Proficiency test that is introduced by Pearson Canada Inc. so that professionals can consider the test among the top 3 language proficiency tests gaining entry for migrants, especially, professionals in Canada. A Canadian immigration application will require a PTE test to be submitted to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Impact of the PTE Test Specification

The economy of Canada largely depends on immigrants and professionals who migrate and settle in Canada. The Pearson test started late in 2009 but had grown largely in fame because of its ease of test taking and also because of its extensive evaluation techniques. To further help the economy build with the help of PR and economic integration, IRCC designated Pearson Canada Inc. to take the PTE test for economic immigration. Andy Bird, the CEO of Pearson, spoke to Newswire. He mentioned, “I’m delighted PTE Essential is now accepted in Canada for economic visas and proud of the innovation and rigor that sits behind the quick and high-quality experience our test provides to test takers.” he further mentions that English tests like the Pearson test have transformed lives with the help of English skills on a daily basis. Thus, it can be expected that there will be more economy brought to the country by the consecutive rise in the Canadian immigration application of economic class candidates.

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Pearson Test Adds To The Existing Language Proficiency Tests

Initially for a Canadian immigration application, one had to be proficient either in English or French or both. Till Pearson PTE Essential, there had been 4 recognized tests by the IRCC for language proficiency. This Pearson test adds to the list making it 5 language proficiency tests currently for the country’s immigration.

It can be expected that there will be a great influx of test takers for Canada, especially from the economic class in the coming financial year. The economy of the country is also expected to get a huge boom while making great opportunities for professionals in Canada.

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