Study Abroad: What Next After Receiving College Offer Letter?

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Study Abroad: Guide For What To Do After Getting College Offer Letter

Whenever the student embarks on a study abroad journey, they get to experience several opportunities. These include fresh opportunities such as placements, internships, getting exposed to the outside culture and much more. 


Some of the prominent countries from which the student gets exposed are Canada, Australia, the UK, and the US

Recent data collected by the Ministry of Education states that a substantial 68 per cent surge in Indian students opting for higher education abroad in 2022, with the total count reaching 750,365.

We all know that studying abroad comes with several challenges. However, it is very important for one to deal with such situations in a more practical manner which will help one to navigate them with strength, making their journey more enriching and enjoyable.

Study Abroad: Guide For What To Do After Getting College Offer Letter

What Next After Receiving College Offer Letter?

But did you know what is the process that one should follow upon getting their offer letter from the university? 

Well, worry not. Today, we will be talking about the process that should be taken into consideration after getting selected into a college.

Looking For Accommodation

It is very important for the student to look for accommodation ahead of getting an offer letter from the university. The student should make a decision whether they want on-campus accommodation, in-student housing or off-campus accommodation.

By finalising the process for the accommodation, this will allow for a seamless transition upon arrival. 

One should note that there are several colleges which offer on-campus accommodation. However, this is entirely based on first-come basis. 

Book Flight Tickets

The next most important step is to book flight tickets ahead of time. This will not only in securing budget-friendly flight choices. It will also provide sufficient time to become familiar with the new environment.

What one can do is inquire with the college/university whether they provide an airport pickup facility or if any other modes of transportation are provided.

Financial Planning

This is also a very crucial step when the student is planning to go abroad. One should know how much to save and how much should they spend. It is very important for the student to plan a budget for tuition fees, living costs, health insurance and other miscellaneous expenses. The student should have a fair idea about how to prioritise their expenses.

Prepare for Cultural Change

The student when planning to go abroad for higher education needs to be ready to face new surroundings and get used to it very quickly. This is to live a comfortable life abroad without facing any hassle. Taking time to understand local customs, getting to know the language and establishing a meaningful connection with the locals will help in adapting to the new culture.

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