Study Abroad: Get to Know the Amazing Experience of Being a Rhodes Scholar 

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The Rhodes Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship that offers a life-changing opportunity for international students to study at the University of Oxford. Approximately, 8,000 Rhodes scholars from 50 countries have made their mark in sectors like education, business, medicine, science, and beyond. For example, US President Bill Clinton, Indian constitutional lawyer and LGBT rights activist Menaka Guruswamy. The year 2023 celebrates the 120 years of Rhodes scholarship milestone. Consequently, two scholars in Residence share their experiences of receiving the prestigious scholarship.

Marinos, a student from South Africa is pursuing her DPhil in Experimental Psychology, and Summia, the first Rhodes scholar from Afghanistan is pursuing an M.A. in International Human Rights Law. She is now taking a year out to serve ‘Dosti Network’, an organization that assists Afghans to flee persecution. 

Study Abroad: Get to Know the Amazing Experience of Being a Rhodes Scholar 

Reason for Rhodes Scholarship Application

As per Marinos Bomikazi Lupindo Oxford University as it has prominent trauma theories and specialists. Moreover, the scholarship would financially assist her to pursue her research interest. On the other hand, Summia Tora, stated that she had sent the Rohdes Scholarship application after receiving encouragement from her professors.

Rhodes Scholarship Application Process

Marinos Bomikazi Lupindo stated that she had sent an online application that required her to challenge the idea that she wasn’t an ‘ideal’ Rhodes scholar. Later on, she attended regional interviews in  Gauteng, South Africa which was followed by national interviews. The process made her realize that she was capable of simply showing up for herself. Similarly, Summia also said she had to go through a round of virtual interviews with 2 alumni. Next, she had to go to Oxford to give the final panel interview.

Benefits of Receiving the Rhodes Scholarship

According to Marinos, the scholarship has made her understand that what she has is enough, and when people come together they can transform the world. The scholarship has assisted her in forming lifelong friendships and created unlimited opportunities for her.

On the other hand, Summia said that the scholarship and the people within the scholarship played an important role in making her experience positive. Moreover, it helped her to grow as an individual. It has helped her in learning and to build the Dosti Network.

Benefits of Rhodes Scholarships for Oxford Education

As per Marinos, the scholarship has made it possible for her to complete her education at Oxford, Moreover, the Rhodes scholarship stiped covered her living expenses and helped her to access mental health services. Therefore, she was able to live comfortably in a new city and deal with its challenges.  She has also received the Warden’s Discretionary Grant which has assisted her in attending a conference in South Africa.

On the other hand, Summit said that the Rhodes Scholarship community has helped in her academic journey. The Rhodes scholars have become her closest friends and they have been her unwavering support system during her time at the University of Oxford.

The Rhodes Trust is looking to grant scholarships to students of outstanding intellect, leadership skills, and commitment toward community service. There is not a specific ‘type’ of Rhodes scholar, In fact, its strength comes from its diversity. Interested students can apply for the Rhodes scholarship online.

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