Study Abroad: Global Students to Shape the Future of Governments At World Government Summit

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Study Abroad Global Students to Shape the Future of Governments At World Government Summit
Global students from top global Universities to shape the future of Governments at the World Government Summit, Dubai.

13th to 15th of February will see the students from the top Global Universities challenge each other at the World Government Summit, Dubai. The goal of the Summit is to pose serious questions that are faced by all the Governments which impact the global economy and politics. The future of Governments will be decided by the brightest minds in the young world. It is their perspective on the current issues that will be taken into consideration as the future is about them, the youngsters of today.


Shaping the Future of Governments: Who?

The World Government Summit started in 2018. Ever since 100 students from over 15 global Universities have been invited each year to face each other about the changing dynamics of the world’s Governments. This is a unique initiative where students represent Universities like the Harvard Kennedy School, MIT Sloan, Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, Tuck School of Business, and London Business School. Among all these universities, this year the Summit will witness the brightest minds from the American University of Sharjah, the American University in Cairo, the University of Sydney, and the University College London take the stage.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime minister, and the ruler of Dubai is the initiator of the challenge. He wants to help young minds empower themselves to take charge of the globe in the upcoming decades.

Shaping the Future of Governments: How?

This initiative is an invite-only event. Invitees are graduate students from public policy, government relations, political science, and business administration subjects. The students come from every continent and challenge themselves through an innovative competition while taking steps towards shaping the future of governments. The objective is to reach a judgment for a sustainable future. Each team of students has to come up with a modern-day plan and solution around the challenges that the Governments are facing. The panel for judgment consists of top-level Government officials and CXOs from renowned organizations who have seen the world change from close. The teams compete against each other with cooperation, innovation, and humanity.

Evaluation Process

The evaluation process is very illustrative and impactful. There will be 40% weightage for novelty and innovation, 25% weightage for impact and comprehensiveness, 20% weightage for viability & feasibility, and 15% weightage for presentation. The time frame for the presentation will be 6 minutes, presented by one member of the 5-member team from each of the 17 teams. Each team would represent each University to evenly shape the future of governments.

This is a huge opportunity for the international students as they have such a respectable audience to share and voice out their opinions.

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