Study Abroad: INTO University is a Platform That Bridges the Gap to Career Success

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Study Abroad: INTO University is a Platform That Bridges the Gap to Career Success

International students, there’s exciting news for you! Studying abroad is a fantastic way to broaden your horizons and gain valuable skills, but finding career opportunities after graduation can be tricky, especially when returning to your home country. 


This is where INTO University Partnerships steps in with their innovative new platform, Return & Connect. This digital and physical service aims to revolutionise the way international students connect with employers and alumni networks. 

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How Return & Connect benefits you

Enhanced career opportunities: Returning home after your studies shouldn’t mean limited job prospects. Return & Connect will connect you with employers and alumni in your home country, opening doors to internships and work placements during and after your studies. 

Global network, local reach: The platform brings universities, students, alumni, and employers together under one roof, creating a supportive ecosystem for your career journey. 

Phased rollout: Starting this summer, Return & Connect will be available in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Mainland China, with plans to expand to other key international student markets soon. 

Study Abroad: INTO University is a Platform That Bridges the Gap to Career Success

Revolutionising the landscape

The platform has received positive feedback from industry leaders. Steve Smith, the UK’s international education champion, called it “a great idea” that tackles the challenge of connecting graduating students with employers in their home countries. 

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A brighter future for international students

The launch of Return & Connect is a significant development for international students seeking career success after their studies. With its focus on global connections and local support, the platform empowers students to thrive in the competitive job market. So, if you’re an international student planning to study abroad, keep an eye out for Return & Connect – it could be the key to unlocking your dream career!  Want more such updates? Make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates.

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