Study in USA: Embassy Surpasses its Goal of 1-Million Non-Immigrant Visas to Indians

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Study in USA: Embassy Surpasses its Goal of 1-Million Non-Immigrant Visas to Indians

According to the US Mission to India, the US consulate in India had pledged to take the number of non-immigrant visa processing to 1 million. This goal has been long surpassed by the embassy.
As of now, immigration authorities are processing 20% more visa applications than pre-pandemic numbers.


A large section of these visas are the student visas. Indians constitute 20% of the total visa applicants in the USA. The embassy also declared that the United States continues to invest largely in their operations in India. This will result in making visa processes hassle-free. 

There was a huge celebration by the end of August 2023 on completing around 90,000 student visas for Indians in the months of June, July and August. The joy continues as each passing month reveals new numbers. Technically, one in four visa applications were granted in India this summer. 

Changes Made by the Embassy

The US Embassy in India is receiving regular funding from the United States to improve staffing at the consulates as well as to smoothen the way for a record number of visa processing each time. The US Consulate in Chennai has undergone major developments in the wake of these funds. 

They have also inaugurated a new consulate building in Hyderabad. Another remarkable attempt to ease the visa process is trying to extend the US visa interview waiver to new categories. Soon, remote workers from around the world will also work on Indian visa applications.  

A pilot program is also being planned for H&L-category employment visa applicants. This program will allow domestic visa renewal for the candidates under this category. The two countries are thereby keeping their word of maintaining a ‘close and enduring partnership’. 

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