Study Abroad: Canada Will Soon Ease Citizenship for Second-Generation Born Abroad

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Study Abroad: Canada Will Soon Ease Citizenship for Second-Generation Born Abroad

The federal government’s law of “second generation cut-off” denying automatic citizenship to children born overseas if their Canadian parents are also born abroad is considered a violation of charter rights by Ontario Superior Court Judge. 


This law is found by Canadians as they have negative effects on their children who were born abroad. Therefore, Immigration Minister Marc Miller released an official statement. In his statement, he said that the citizens who are afraid that this rule will affect their children will be curious to know about its impact. Furthermore, he added that due to this reason, they will keep evaluating how this change will affect the current laws and give more information and will also discuss the next steps accordingly.

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Official Statement by Minister of Immigration “Marc Miller”

“As per the current citizenship Act, it includes the first generation limit which means that children born abroad to Canadian citizens beyond the first generation limit do not require a Canadian citizenship automatically at the time of birth. This law as per the current scenario has unacceptable consequences for those whose children were born outside the country. Therefore, this law will be evaluated and the next steps will be confirmed accordingly. 

As Canadian citizenship is valued around the world, therefore, it is my commitment to make the citizenship process as fair and transparent as possible.

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