Study Abroad: Australia To Reduce Student And Non-Skilled Visas

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Study in Australia: Australia To Reduce Student And Non-Skilled Visas

Australia is bringing high levels of relocation in control by cutting down on student visas and non-skilled migration. Main reason is that Australia is struggling with a big growing housing crisis which has raised rents to the highest levels in more than a decade.


On 11th December 2023, Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil will release the center-left Labor government’s long-due migration plan, targeting to return Australia’s migrant intake previous to near pre-pandemic levels by June 2025.

New Net International Migration Is About To Release

According to the Department of Treasury, New approximate net international migration to be released by this week will showcase Australia welcomed more than 5,00,000 people in the financial year ended June 30 2023.

The forecast, which will be released as part of the government’s Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook on 13th December 2023, will reveal net international migration is about to fall to 375,000 in the financial year ending June 2024 and then 250,000 in2025.

Study in Australia: Australia To Reduce Student And Non-Skilled Visas

Migration Increased the Growing Crisis In Australia

The increase in migration caused Australia’s growing housing crisis and due to this the country is experiencing the surge in rent amount and due to this the cost-of-living is seeing a high inflation. Stats released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics for the year through September showed nationwide rents grew by 7.6% over that period.

Plans For New Skills In Demand Visa

On the other hand, O’Neil will declare plans for an upcoming skills in demand visa, which will be brought in by late 2024 as one of a suite of counts to address skills scarcity in the Australian economy. Moreover, there is a plan for 2024 to increase the number of English language test requirements.

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