Study Abroad: Seoul aiming to attract 1,000 international science and tech students by 2028

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Study Abroad: Seoul aiming to attract 1,000 international science and tech students by 2028

Great news for students looking to pursue higher studies in science, technology, and engineering! The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has announced a plan to attract 1,000 international students to universities in Seoul by 2028. This initiative is part of a larger effort to boost Seoul’s position as a global leader.

Study Abroad: Seoul aiming to attract 1,000 international science and tech students by 2028

Here’s what the plan offers for international students

Financial Aid: The city will select 10 universities known for their cutting-edge tech programs and provide them with funding for 3 years, up to 1.5 billion won annually. This means more scholarships and financial aid opportunities for international students!

Information & Support: Seoul will be hosting education fairs twice a year in different countries, starting with Jakarta, Indonesia in July. This will give you a chance to learn more about studying in Seoul from the comfort of your home country.

Scholarships: The city is establishing a scholarship program specifically for outstanding students from developing countries.  This scholarship will provide 20 million won per student annually.

Vibrant Tech Hub: To encourage students to stay after graduation, Seoul is working to attract 100 global tech companies to the city. This will create a dynamic tech hub with plenty of job opportunities for graduates.

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Startup Support: By 2030, Seoul plans to launch a startup support centre specifically for foreign businesses looking to expand into Asia. This is a great opportunity to turn your innovative ideas into reality!

Making Seoul a Welcoming Home

Seoul understands that a welcoming environment is key to retaining international talent. Here’s what they’re doing to make Seoul a more inclusive city:

More Support Centers: A second support centre specifically for foreign residents will open next year. 

Multilingual Services: Family centres across Seoul will offer AI-powered translation services, making it easier to navigate daily life.

Equal Benefits: Foreign residents will have access to the same pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare welfare benefits as Korean citizens.

Educational Support: The city will introduce financial aid for children from multicultural families attending elementary, middle, and high schools.

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Seoul is looking to create a diverse and dynamic community where international students can thrive. With scholarships, financial aid, a thriving tech scene, and a welcoming environment, Seoul is shaping up to be a great place to pursue your advanced studies! Want more such updates? Make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates.

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