Study Abroad: Canada Proposes New Asylum Rules to Do Faster Deportations

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Study Abroad Canada Proposes New Asylum Rules to Do Faster Deportations

The Canadian government is proposing new changes to the asylum application process that could hasten the deportation of individuals with rejected claims. Recently, asylum claims by International Students have jumped by around 1500% and concerns their stay in Canada after the authorization period of stay. As per the reports given by leading news publishers, Global News, two weeks ago the federal budget of 2024, subtly revealed the suggested changes coinciding with a record number of asylum seekers in Canada. 


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As per the IRB reports 46736 individuals have sought asylum in Canada since March of this year. That represents a 62% increase from the same time in 2023 and the government reported that the backlog is 186000. A part of Canada’s housing problem has also been associated with a rise in temporary immigration. The waiting period for asylum seekers have increased along with the number of applications. 

As of February the CBSA had more than 28000 active warrants issued to failed refugee claimants. The IRB has the resources to manage around 50000 asylum claims annually. Ottawa has announced several new initiatives which include the suggested modifications to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Recently, the immigration minister has capped the number of foreign students allowed to work, reinstated the visa requirement for Mexican nationals and lowered the weekly work limit to 24 hours. 

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Miller has so far ruled out altering the asylum requirements, which may make it harder for applicants to stay in Canada. 

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