Study Abroad: Canada Open Work Permit for Hong Kong PR Applications Effective from 27th May

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Study Abroad Canada Open Work Permit for Hong Kong PR Applications Effective from 27th May

On 7th May, Marc Miller the Immigration minister unveiled a new public policy for Hong Kong permanent residence (PR) applicants under special measures. Hong Kong Permanent Residency Pathway applicants will be able to extend their status and obtain a new open work permit in Canada effective from 27th May 2024. This new temporary public policy will offer open work permits to those who are waiting for a final decision on their permanent residence applications. 


Eligibility to Apply for an Open Work Permit

As per the official notice given by the IRCC, open work permits will be available to Hong Kong nationals in Canada from 27th May 2024 who:

  • Have applied for permanent residence via the temporary public policy for Hong Kong Residents in Canada under stream A or stream B, and
  • Have held a study or work permit in the past three years to the IRCC receiving their application for permanent residence

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The new public policy will be in effect for five years during which the candidates can continue to work in Canada while the application for permanent residency is in process. The processing times for this route have increased due to the large number of applications and many candidates run the risk of having their temporary status in Canada expire before their applications for permanent residence are processed. Therefore, this new temporary policy is introduced so that Hong Kong residents can continue to stay on legal status. 

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