Study Abroad: Augustana Students Broke Record by Choosing Study Abroad Programs in 2023

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Study Abroad Augustana Students Broke Record by Choosing Study Abroad Programs in 2023
Augustana University stated that they are sending more than 250 Augustana students and 27 faculty members will explore 20 countries.

The Augustana University associate director of International Programs and study-away advisor, Erin Kane said that Augustana university used to send more than 200 students for Study Abroad programs before the COVID-19 pandemic. 


As travel options have become less restricted, thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine, students can travel all around the world without any problems. However, depending on the country, they might need to provide the COVID-19 vaccination certificate. 

Most students participating in this program are from 13 faculty-led courses, while the other 10 are pursuing their higher studies abroad with their partnered programs. The Study Abroad destinations will include Greece, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Central Europe, Ireland, India, Morocco, Spain, Hawaii, Galapagos, and Guatemala. 

Study Abroad: Augustana Students Broke Record by Choosing Study Abroad Programs in 2023

The longest, as well as largest course, is the Spain tour of the Augustana Band and Northlanders Jazz Band. Dr Christopher Unger, who is the Conductor of the Augustana Band, and Dr Brian Hanegan, who is the Conductor of the Northlanders Jazz Band, were responsible for leading this tour. 

The second-biggest course, in which 40 students participated, was the Science of Exercise in Costa Rica. This course was led by Dr Shane Sholten, Associate Professor of Exercise Science. 

Students would be able to study the wellness and health culture of Costa Rica using biomechanics, kinesiology, and nutrition through hiking, swimming, soccer, driving, mountain biking, and ziplining. As this program is focused on physical activities, students need to go through a proper training session in the morning. 

Kane also stated that this opportunity for students to travel around the world with their faculty members would help them achieve new heights in their academic careers. Students would be able to make proper decisions in rich and life-challenging scenarios. 

As most faculty leaders are eager to guide the students on their precious journey ahead, their enthusiasm and expertise would undoubtedly motivate the students to become a better version of themselves. 

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