Study Abroad: India and Russia Connect on Education

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Study Abroad India and Russia Connect on Education
The International Polytechnic Winter School 2023 hosted by SPbPU had over 200 participants students from Indian Universities.

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is among the leading Russian Universities that gathered over 200 international students at its winter school in 2023. India was one of the many countries that participated to strengthen friendly relations with Russia. The University had planned to invite the CIS countries to the winter school to participate so that international relations are maintained among these countries. India, one of the Commonwealth countries, made it to the list of countries whose students were proudly hosted by the institution.

The International Polytechnic Winter School 2023 has more than 20 subjects that are being taught in a span of two weeks. Subjects involve advanced science and technology-based short courses on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Energy Technology among others. Indian international students are encouraged to look for creativity and innovation, especially in their higher studies. This is the reason that Indian universities have sent their students to this winter school. The initiative not only made the international students have a great winter holiday but also strengthened their scope of imagination in the scientific arena. Also, the friendly relations between this hosting institution and the Indian Universities strengthened the international relations between Russia and India through a small quest in the field of education.

The courses were taught not only by Russian subject experts but also experts from other nationalities making the school a safe space for international students of all nationalities. This brings the scope for more international students to come and participate in the educational quest. Indian students find such events very fruitful and thus, this institution has proudly spoken about the interest that India has shown in the event other than mentionable countries like Indonesia and Brazil.

The event is being conducted online and will continue till 26th of February, 2023. The international students will also be receiving International certificates with ECTS credits that will enhance their grades at their specific Universities. It is a great opportunity that Indian students can look forward to.

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